Introducing FierceInstaller

Jason nelsonInstalling and updating today's telecom networks--whether wireless, cable or fiber--requires an evolving set of skills and knowledge. Networks are quickly evolving to accommodate consumer demands for data and video content, and the tools of yesterday will no longer be sufficient to keep up with this growth.

That's why the FierceMarkets Telecom Group has created a new publication called FierceInstaller that is specifically geared to the engineering teams that are on the front lines making sure that telecom networks--both public and private--are being installed correctly and efficiently.

FierceInstaller is the daily news source with a weekly email newsletter that is designed for cabling technicians, tower workers, outside plant engineers, cell site/DAS installers, campus managers and network planners. Our mission is deliver the latest technical news and commentary on topics such as fiber deployments, tower site growth, implications of OSHA regulations, field testing, product launches and more.

Please let your colleagues know about our latest newsletter from the award-winning Fierce editorial team. To sign up for the new publication, click here.

I hope you enjoy this latest addition to the FierceMarkets portfolio.

Jason Nelson
Publisher, FierceInstaller