Jones/NCTI report says broadband installers must have access to accurate customer data

Broadband technicians that have resources to accurately answer customers' questions will result in a better customer experience, according to a recent Jones/NCTI survey that was conducted to help broadband companies improve their technicians' performance.

Specifically, the survey found that 64 percent of all technicians surveyed said that getting accurate answers to questions was a key way to improve the customer experience. The survey also found that service calls can be completed more quickly if technicians get faster access to reliable information.

But company-provided information may not be adequate, as 57 percent of installers use Google and other Internet searches at least once a week for help with their jobs, and 13 percent use internet services daily to address workplace issues.

Only 41 percent of technicians say that the internal resources they access online are always or frequently reliable, while 51 percent say that information provided by the company is only sometimes or rarely reliable. Field training manuals should be reviewed more often, the Jones/NCTI study said.

Mentoring is another area that could help technicians improve their performance. According to the survey, 66 percent of technicians say it is helpful to be able to call a mentor when they encounter an issue for which they do not have an answer.

Some 57 percent of technicians prefer videos as a way of learning something new in the field. Another 29 percent say that step-by-step written instructions help them to assimilate new information quickly.

Wayne Applehans, president of Jones/NTCI, said, "The rise of 'the Internet of Things' coupled with the 'connected home,' for example, is raising the bar for companies to equip their frontline employees with timely and sufficient information to provide an excellent customer service experience 'in the moment.'"

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