News of Note—ILSR, Zayo, Ovum and more

news of note

> Nearly 90 electric and telecom cooperatives had deployed gigabit-class service by the end of last year, the Institute for Local Self-Reliance says. Telecompetitor article

> WANRack announced today the completion of two private, fiber-optic Wide-Area Networks (WANs) for K-12 school districts in Indiana. Release

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> Telecom and banking are the most advanced when it comes to a move toward digital transformation, according to an Ovum survey of 6,300 companies among 14 industries. Channel Partners article

> New Cross Pacific (NCP) U.S. Backhaul group, comprised of Chunghwa Telecom, KT Corporation, China Telecom, China Mobile International and China Unicom, selected Zayo for a private dedicated network (PDN) to diversely backhaul traffic from its U.S. landing station across the western U.S. Release

> Ohio legislators are considering bipartisan proposals to allocate millions of dollars to provide broadband services to unserved areas of a state where about 300,000 rural households lack fast internet. The Columbus Dispatch article

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