News of Note—Vodafone's NFV journey, Telcos need more AI, NFV could use some retooling

News of note
Vodafone is starting to reap the rewards of using NFV. (Pixabay)

Here are the other stories we're following today:

> Vodafone is using ETSI's NFV standards for management and orchestration across its network, leading to improved management of its infrastructure resources. VanillaPlus article

>Telcos need to tap into new technologies, such as AI and analytics, in order to improve their customers' satisfaction levels. TechObserver article

> One area where NFV could use some additional work is making VNFs a better fit within the cloud model, according to industry expert Tom Nolle. CIMI blog post

> There's speculation that BT's 13,000 job cuts that were announced last week were a precursor for a sell-off, possibly to Deutsche Telekom. Business Insider article