OFS' MiDia 2GX micro cable offers increased density, performance for metro network deployments

OFS has expanded its microcable product line with its new MiDia 2GX cable, giving service providers another option for their metro fiber deployments. The new cabling solution will offer service providers increased fiber density, enhanced performance and greater deployment cost savings. A key element of the MiDia 2GX microcable is that it leverages OFS' advancement in bend-optimized fiber design enabling tight, low loss bends without risking fiber strength and long-term reliability. These fibers occupy 36 percent less area than conventional 250 μm coated fiber, enabling smaller diameter cables with a greater number of fibers per tube to minimize cabled diameters in today's congested duct networks.

The MiDia 2GX cable range can reduce build out costs by enabling increased deployment distance, fewer installations, and maximized use of congested and limited availability ducts. As a light weight, highly compact solution, the MiDia 2GX microcable is designed for seamless installation into existing microduct networks. This microcable can help customers achieve longer air-blown installation distances and reduce the number of splice points and setups required. MiDia 2GX cable is generally available with fiber counts of 144, 192 and 288 and features OFS' bend-optimized AllWave FLEX and AllWave FLEX+ fibers. Release

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