Report: Comcast's pricey Gigabit Pro rollout service is attracting few customers

Comcast's Gigabit Pro service may offer ultra-fast speeds of 2-Gbps but the high pricetag is limiting the number of consumers flocking to the service. According to DSLReports, Comcast's 2-Gig service, which costs $300 per month, plus a $500 activation fee, a $500 installation fee and a possible $1,000 early termination fee is limiting the uptake rate.

Comcast has stated that it will make Gigabit Pro available to 18 million business and homes before the end of 2015. The cable company rolled the service out in June. No Gigabit Pro subscriber figures were revealed during Comcast's most recent quarterly earnings call on July 23.

Comcast has said that Gigabit Pro services are available to any customer who lives within a third of a mile of Comcast's core network. However, DSLReports noted that within the DSLReports broadband user forum, "you'd be hard pressed to find anybody that can actually get the service."

DSLReports cites the case of one customer who pre-qualified for Gigabit Pro services online but when he applied for service, the customer was told that logistical issues prevented the installation from occurring.

Comcast has also said that service installation could require 6 to 8 weeks or more to complete. The service involves the installation of an optical network terminal at the customer's premises.

While regular pricing for the service, with speeds of up to 2 Gbps, is $299.95 per month, the carrier in July introduced promotional pricing of $159 per month across Comcast's Central Division. Among the markets in Comcast's Central Division are Chicago, Miami, Atlanta, Nashville and Chattanooga, Tenn. and Detroit. The promotional discount is not available in western markets such as Denver, San Francisco, Houston, Seattle and Sacramento.

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