Verizon Business serves up new bundle for small businesses

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Verizon Business is serving up a new bundle for small businesses that includes broadband and LTE connectivity as well as security. (Getty Images)

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic ramped up early last year, service providers and vendors have been fine-tuning their product and service offerings for small businesses. With shelter-in-place and quarantine policies, small businesses bore the brunt of Covid-19 as many of them were forced to close last year.

On Monday, Verizon Business announced a new bundle for small businesses that includes security, broadband and LTE services. With more small businesses going virtual, Verizon Business is now offering its Complete Business Bundle.

With the new bundle, small businesses get a 15% discount on monthly service charges with the 50 Mbps tier. LTE Business Internet, which also includes a router as part of the bundle, allows businesses to connect to 4G LTE with a plug-and-play install without the need for a truck roll.

The bundle also includes One Talk desk phones, which have more than 50 business-grade features as well as dedicated 24/7tech support.

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Verizon's Business Internet Secure, which it first announced in November, provides cybersecurity protection for small businesses' routers and connected devices by blocking access to dangerous websites. The internet security is being provisioned by Cisco Umbrella, which uses predictive technology to identify threats while protecting device endpoints.

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With the number of cases and deaths spiking across the U.S. and around the globe, 39% of small businesses have moved to remote work, according to a Verizon Small Business Survey. Of those survey respondents, 73% said they would need external for offering new products and services during the "new normal" caused by the pandemic.

Comcast Business and Vodafone Business, among others, have also beefed up their small business portfolios during the pandemic.