While there has been a lot of progress on the use of cloud-native containers since the start of this year, there are still a few key considerations.

In order to enable fabric-wide orchestration, visibility and control, Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) has turned to Pluribus Networks and Dell EM

SD-WAN revenues surged in the second quarter as corporations started to swap out their base of installed routers with SD-WAN-enabled gear.

Open source vendor Suse has pulled the plug on its OpenStack Cloud a few months after its latest release, the company announced on Wednesday.

Comcast is farther along the virtualization path than you might think, largely due its X1 video platform that turned 10 this year.

Oracle announced today that it plans to hire close to 2,000 new employees worldwide to help grow its Oracle Cloud Infrastructure business.

Cybersecurity is headed to open source with a new initiative backed by IBM and McAfee, among other companies.

Blue Planet trotted out a new inventory automation solution that gives service providers a holistic view of their network and service inventory.