8. Midco

Midco is among the first cable operators to fully deploy DOCSIS 3.1-powered gigabit services.

Midwestern cable operator Midco stands on the cutting edge of cable technology. The operator set the auspicious goal of deploying DOCSIS 3.1 network technology across its entire footprint by the end of this year, and based on the operator’s recent announcements, it appears Midco is well on its way toward reaching its goal.

“Devoted to providing innovative services to the Midwest, Midco is now offering Midco Xstream Gig to the Huron and Yankton service area,” the company announced earlier this month. “35 times faster than the average high-speed internet, Midco Xstream Gig is now available at an affordable price in Huron, Yankton and seven surrounding communities.”

“Midco Xstream Gig uses our state-of-the-art network to provide super-fast, reliable speeds through a modem. The video gamer in Vermillion or the multiple device-owning family of five in Huron will love Midco Xstream Gig,” said Midco CEO Pat McAdaragh in a release.

Indeed, Midco—which counts roughly 330,000 customers in nearly 350 communities across Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin—is among the first cable operators to fully deploy DOCSIS 3.1-powered gigabit services. Midco deployed Cisco’s cBR-8 converged broadband router in 2015 in preparation for its DOCSIS 3.1 launch. Others including Comcast are also deploying DOCSIS 3.1 this year.

DOCSIS 3.1 deployments are no small matter: They require upgrades to operators’ core networks as well as to customers’ home equipment. However, the technology allows operators to keep pace with fiber players by offering their own 1 Gbps services.

The upshot: Midco was founded in 1931, and the fact that the operator is among the first to deploy the cable industry’s newest network technology is noteworthy, given Midco’s Midwestern footprint.

8. Midco