AT&T's all about Ethernet backhaul - Wireless Backhaul

If you ask Bob Walters, executive director, Ethernet product management, AT&T Business Solutions what's the biggest challenge facing any wholesale service provider it would be the hunger for bandwidth hogging mobile services.

"It's all about meeting the insatiable demand," he said. "Wireless devices and applications, used for both business and personal communications, are increasing demand for more wireless backhaul and long haul capacity."

Certainly, AT&T is an obvious fit to be a wireless backhaul wholesale provider. Not only does AT&T operate one of the largest 3G wireless networks, its wholesale network connects into more than 600 wireless and wireline carriers in over 220 countries and territories. An aggressive advocate of Ethernet services for businesses, AT&T is taking that expertise to target Ethernet-based backhaul service opportunities. And while other carriers believe Ethernet-based backhaul is too early for prime time, Walters disagrees.

"Not at all," he said. "Over the past 12 months, we have invested to significantly enhance Ethernet service and network infrastructure in the U.S. and around the globe to maximize our customers' business velocity."

But for all of its Ethernet expertise, the ILEC is not turning its back on legacy wholesale services. In addition to Ethernet, AT&T still provides good old tried and true SONET and point-to-point DSx/OCx services.

AT&T's all about Ethernet backhaul - Wireless Backhaul