Brady Adams, CTO of 360Networks on wholesale services and making the legacy to next-gen network transition

Brady Adams, 360networksBrady Adams, a 20-plus year veteran in building and communications networks for cable operators and traditional service providers, came to 360networks last June. Much of Adams' communications industry work has been in the cable industry with stops at the former Antec Digital, Nortel, and most recently Grande Communications, where he served as VP of Engineering and Operations. In addition, Adams owned and operated his own engineering, planning and construction firm where he was responsible for some of the first deployments of HFC and large scale fiber optic networks in the southeastern United States. FierceTelecom Editor Sean Buckley recently talked to Adams about his first year on the job as CTO of wholesale provider 360networks.  

FierceTelecom: Brady, you spent years in the cable industry with stints at Antec, Nortel and more recently Grande Communications and then joined 360 Networks as its CTO last June. What drove you to come to 360networks?

Adams: In my role in cable TV, I usually was the solutions provider. I was the guy that designed solutions that scaled into the guys the size of Cox and Time Warner Cable. The bigger picture is what I am about. 360 Networks as a whole is about the bigger picture and how we connect the dots from the end user service provider, but also the vast array of RLECs and MSOs. It's all about how to bridge those two and what services they need from a wholesale provider and what services they can use to match up those two companies together.

We've got some agreements in place with some Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) that are you not your typical web browser providers, but some video content providers we're trying to match up with some rural Tier 2-3 ILECs and MSOs that are basically going to be served over an Ethernet fabric that we're creating. That's an example of us matching the dots.

FierceTelecom: Okay, you mentioned the Tier 2-3 ILECs and MSOs, a market that's been pretty much ignored by larger incumbent wholesalers. As a wholesaler, how big is that opportunity and what are they looking for from a provider such as 360networks?

360networksAdams:  They are asking to be on par with the Internet providers in the Tier 1 markets and their Internet transit, for one. They want a competitive high quality Internet access they can rely on, but they're lucky if they can get an Ethernet connection to the LEC--most of it is TDM, usually over copper or a DS3. Largely, the incumbents have taken advantage of them. We have seen some of the large incumbents bringing more competing products into the Tier 2 markets because they realize they have been milking that for a long time and probably deserve to offer them a better product.

Quite frankly, the Tier 1 service providers are so busy trying to keep the Tier 1 markets happy, while the Tier 2-3 markets are largely ignored. We see that as a huge opportunity for us. We're working with some consortiums and cooperatives to create some a la carte services and banding services around our footprint, including, voice, Internet access, private LAN services as well as content. We're working on the content side to match some of that up.

If you look at Akamai or some of these content providers, they don't see the Tier 2 market as something they have an affinity for. What they do have affinity for is if 'I can multiplex a number of these two tier markets into a single point of reference and facilitate that connection from our network.'

Brady Adams, CTO of 360Networks on wholesale services and making the legacy to next-gen network transition