Brian Crotty, Chief Operating Officer, Broadview Networks

Brian Crotty, Broadview Networks


Bringing more than 15 years of solid senior management experience to the unified communications realm can provide a real advantage in what is still somewhat a Wild West-type frontier, with VoIP providers popping up left and right, all claiming that they offer true UC service. Brian Crotty has managed to differentiate Broadview Networks from that crowd.

Broadview's range of voice and data services, including voice communications, managed and premise-based VoIP, VPN and MPLS-enabled data services applications, and high-speed Internet service, among others, gives business customers what Broadview calls a total communications solution.

In May, Broadview's High Bandwidth Dedicated Internet Access service, which leverages fiber optic connections and Ethernet technology to deliver 100 Mbps, was recognized by Unified Communications magazine with its Product of the Year award as a groundbreaking advancement in UC.  

The company also received Telecommunications Association accolades as a Top 5 Provider of Hosted VoIP services in the TA's annual Members' Choice poll of TA vendors, as well as a Top 5 CLEC and a Top 10 Integrated Access Provider.

Crotty came to Broadview after it acquired Bridgecom, where he was chief operating officer. Prior to joining Bridgecom in 2000, he served in management roles at voice provider CoreComm Ltd., USN Communications, The Millennium Group and CEI Communications.

Brian Crotty, Chief Operating Officer, Broadview Networks