Brian Worthen, CEO, Mammoth Networks

Brian Worthen, Mammoth Networks


Clear vision toward changing communications trends is an important asset for competitive leaders, something that Mammoth Networks CEO Brian Worthen demonstrated in 2004 when he and the management team of Visionary Communications formed Mammoth to address the need to give service providers, including ILECs, a footprint outside their traditional service areas.

Offering wholesale telecommunications services to ISPs even as the speed and complexity of the Internet grew, Worthen led the company as Mammoth evolved into a Layer 2 aggregator with the ability to bring disparate technologies and offer services via a single managed platform.

Worthen, whose initial management experience took place in the transportation industry, brought his hands-on management philosophy first to Visionary Communications when he purchased ownership in 2001. That approach translates to a solid knowledge of the industry and of customer needs, and informs the way Broadview does business.

"We're facilities-based, meaning that we'll stick our own racks in and light our own fiber or we'll accept a finished product and put it into a mux or a switch," Worthen told FierceTelecom in a February interview.

The vision that put Worthen in the right place to create Mammoth Networks is still at work. Changing demands in business service requirements in 2011 alone have him looking at ways Mammoth can stay not just competitive, but ahead. "Whether they are small or large, there are going to be some customers that are going to look at alternatives that they wouldn't have looked at a year ago," he said. "Private line is constantly growing and no one is requesting OC-3 and DS3s anymore--it's all GigE or 10 Gig or 2.5 Gbps. We'll be spending a lot of time upgrading our infrastructure just to support those larger capacity circuits."

Brian Worthen, CEO, Mammoth Networks