BT - Top 10 Service Providers on the Cutting Edge


Why it's so cutting-edge: The U.K. giant's 21st Century Network project alone gives it a spot on this list. Amid a throng of network upgrades by major telcos all over the world, BT's project stands above the rest, largely because it's so clear that the carrier is buying not just a new network, but a whole new mindset about delivering services and operating a progressive organization. Using the web services model as its North Star, BT recently restructured itself into two major units-BT Design and BT Operate-that are looking to transform service activation and management process into an efficient, open and flexible experience for customers.

Meanwhile, the newly-risk-averse company has aggressively pursued fixed-mobile convergence (FMC) and managed security services, go as far in the latter area as acquiring U.S. firm Counterpane, a market leader in security management.

But can it keep that edge? All appears to be running on schedule with the 21CN project, with no huge missteps yet. Having said that, transformation is messy, and something that could be said about nearly every company on this list is that a makeover to become more innovative and responsive to customers will take several years. Proclaiming a restructuring doesn't make it so to end users, and BT will have to give them the right tools and capabilities to make self-service a snap.

Also, it's old news at this point that BT 's Fusion FMC service was much delayed, and more recent reports have suggested that the service isn't winning over customers or the carrier's confidence. And on the security front, BT seems to be betting a lot on Counterpane for a stronger foothold the U.S. enterprise market--but U.S. telcos themselves are on notice and have made their own aggressive investments into network security as a premium enteprise service.
BT - Top 10 Service Providers on the Cutting Edge