Charter Communications is on the move - Wireless Backhaul

With the bankruptcy monkey off its back, Charter Communications proclaimed recently that a major focus to get it back on the road to economic recovery will be on targeting business service opportunities.  
Part of that focus will include not only the mid-sized business market, but wireless backhaul wholesale opportunities.

Following in the footsteps of fellow cable MSO Cox Business and Time Warner Cable, Charter said during the recent The Future of Cable Business Services event that a major part of its business service growth will be on wireless backhaul.  
While it would not reveal anything like how many towers it will build out this year to provide wireless backhaul, how much fiber it's got in the ground or the markets it's going after, it did reveal that the interest in providing wireless backhaul services is quite ripe.  
In fact, to meet that demand for wireless backhaul, Charter said that it's going to have to add new staff and other related network resources. Fred Davies, Charter's director of IP architecture and product development, said that while it does not have resources to deal with a growing demand for wireless backhaul in its respective territories, "we're ramping up to accommodate that, which is a good thing."

From the looks of the company's website, Charter appears to have the right pieces of the puzzle in order. It currently offers a suite of fiber-based Ethernet services over a sizeable fiber network and a HFC network. 

Charter Communications is on the move - Wireless Backhaul