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Net neutrality coverageAfter months of back-and-forth between carriers, the FCC, and even President Obama, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has proposed an Open Internet order that would classify broadband as a telecommunications service under Title II of the Communications Act. Fierce has followed the net neutrality debate for some time, and will continue to bring you updates as this regulatory saga continues. Check out our recent coverage below, and visit FierceWireless, FierceTelecom and FierceCable frequently for the latest updates on net neutrality regulation.

More Title II reactions: Anti-merger group says rules protect us if Comcast-TWC deal goes through
February 27, 2015 | By Daniel Frankel
As reactions continue to mount following the FCC's landmark vote Thursday to codify regulation of Internet service providers as utilities, one group says its self interests have been well served: protecting the public from the alleged harms of the proposed Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger.

Net neutrality rules won't force carriers to get FCC permission for new plans, officials say
February 26, 2015 | By Phil Goldstein
Under the FCC's newly approved net neutrality rules, wireless carriers and other ISPs will not have to go the agency and ask permission every time they want to introduce a new offering or mobile broadband plan, such as a new zero-rating plan, according to FCC officials.

FCC approves net neutrality rules for wireless, putting future zero-rating plans on notice
February 26, 2015 | By Phil Goldstein
WASHINGTON--The FCC voted, 3-2, to codify new net neutrality regulations for wireless and wireline networks that would bar blocking and throttling of content and ban carriers and ISPs from striking deals with content companies to zip their content faster to consumers. In doing so, the FCC is reclassifying broadband as a telecommunications service under Title II of the Telecommunications Act, instead of a lightly-regulated information service, a move that carriers and ISPs have said will stifle innovation.

AT&T, Verizon say FCC net neutrality move will stifle broadband investment, raise prices
February 26, 2015 | By Sean Buckley
The FCC voted to pass new net neutrality rules for wireless and wireline networks that would bar blocking and throttling of content and ban carriers and ISPs from striking deals with content companies, a move that incumbent telcos AT&T and Verizon say will stifle innovation and drive up costs for consumers.

Net neutrality: Long-term implications loom for Internet of Things
February 26, 2015 | By Monica Alleven
The FCC's order to protect the open Internet carries with it implications for the Internet of Things (IoT), even though the immediate impact might not be felt for quite some time.

Comcast, Cablevision, Charter execs have mixed reactions to net neutrality vote
February 26, 2015 | By Daniel Frankel
As widely expected, the FCC voted 3-2 across party lines Thursday to codify strident regulation on Internet service providers, regulating them as a public utility for the first time.

Net neutrality passes, but leaves paid prioritization issue open
February 26, 2015 | By Samantha Bookman
Call it a cautious win for the online video industry: After a commission meeting marked by strenuous dissent from its Republican commissioners, the FCC voted 3-2 to adopt net neutrality rules that classify broadband as a service under Title II of the Communications Act of 1934 and Section 706 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996.

Net neutrality: Apply it to wireless, but let carriers have flexibility in their business models
February 24, 2015 | By Phil Goldstein
I think wireless carriers need more oversight than they have had--they deserve it after years of failing to provide data usage alerts and being unclear on throttling policies, among other harms to consumers. And wireless customers need protections than they have been afforded in the past. But I don't think the FCC should be playing traffic cop (no pun intended) with carriers' business models.

Google to FCC: Don't regulate interconnection between edge providers and ISPs
February 23, 2015 | By Sean Buckley
Google has asked the FCC to refrain from regulating the informal interconnection agreements that Google and other providers have developed with ISPs like Comcast and Verizon.

Led by the FCC's Pai, GOP are rallying against Wheeler's net neutrality proposal
February 19, 2015 | By Mike Dano
Republican FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai is heading the opposition to FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler's effort to pass new net neutrality rules--a regulatory battle that has grown into a surprisingly public and acrimonious debate.


NCTA will probably sue FCC over Title II regulation, Powell says
February 13, 2015 | By Daniel Frankel
National Cable & Telecommunications Association president and CEO Michael Powell told C-SPAN Thursday that the cable lobby will probably sue the FCC over its pending Title II-based net neutrality rules.

Municipal providers protest FCC's Title II net neutrality proposal
February 13, 2015 | By Sean Buckley
A group of 43 municipal broadband providers are asking the FCC to exempt them from being included with large incumbent telcos and wireless operators as being common carriers under Title II of the Communications Act of 1934.

Sprint's Bye: Carriers will still invest in networks even under Title II regulations
February 11, 2015 | By Phil Goldstein
Sprint's decision to split from its wireless rivals and endorse an FCC plan that would reclassify broadband as a telecommunications service under Title II of the Telecommunications Act was part of an effort by the carrier to show that such a move by the FCC would not stop investment in networks, according to Sprint CTO Stephen Bye. The FCC plans to vote on such a proposal on Feb. 26 as part of an effort to craft net neutrality regulations.

Title II regulation will actually help Comcast-TWC merger chances, analysts say
February 11, 2015 | By Daniel Frankel
While the "over-under" in recent weeks seems to have tilted against regulatory approval of the proposed Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger, a new wave of analyst comments compiled by Bloomberg seems to suggest that tighter, Title II-oriented reform of Internet regulation might actually help the deal's prospects.

FCC's Wheeler: We must balance Internet openness with operators' return on investment in networks
February 9, 2015 | By Sue Marek
BOULDER, Colo.--FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said that the draft net neutrality proposal he circulated to commissioners last week will forgo sections of Title II of the Telecommunications Act that are a threat to network investment. In other words, "no rate regulation, no unbundling and no tariffs or new taxes," he said.

Republicans suggest Obama had 'improper influence' on FCC's net neutrality rules
February 9, 2015 | By Sean Buckley
A group of Republicans has taken the latest shot in the net neutrality battle, claiming that the Obama administration had "an improper influence" over the FCC's recent move to implement Title II on ISPs as part of its new net neutrality rules, reports Ars Technica.

House to probe whether White House improperly influenced FCC on net neutrality
February 9, 2015 | By Phil Goldstein
A House oversight committee on Friday said it was launching a probe into whether the White House improperly influenced the FCC on its planned net neutrality rules.

Frontier's Wilderotter is comfortable with Title II reclassification
February 9, 2015 | By Sean Buckley
Frontier Communications may be another traditional wireline telco that has to abide by a host of FCC rules, including the move to reclassify broadband under Title II of the Telecom Act of 1996, but that's just fine for CEO Maggie Wilderotter.

Verizon's McAdam: FCC Title II proposal influenced $10.5B wireline asset sale to Frontier
February 6, 2015 | By Sean Buckley
Verizon finally made it public that is selling its wireline assets in three states to Frontier for $10.5 billion, but besides getting more cash to fund its wireless operations, its decision was also influenced by the FCC's move to reclassify wireline broadband providers under Title II of the 1996 Telecom Act.

Charter's Rutledge: Title II a 'heavy handed regulatory solution for problem that doesn't exist'
February 5, 2015 | By Daniel Frankel
Speaking at Charter Communications' fourth-quarter earnings call Thursday, company president and CEO Tom Rutledge said stringent Title II-oriented regulation likely to be passed by the FCC won't have a material impact on the cable industry.

Zero-rating, throttling and other wireless practices targeted by FCC's net neutrality rules
February 4, 2015 | By Phil Goldstein
FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler's draft order to create net neutrality rules will apply all of the rules to mobile broadband networks for the first time. One of the practical effects of the proposed rules is that wireless carriers would have less flexibility to deploy "reasonable network management" practices on their networks. The rules would also put future uses of zero-rating and sponsored data programs under the microscope to ensure they are not harming consumers or content providers.

FCC's Wheeler lays out net neutrality plans while AT&T, Verizon reportedly prep lawsuits
February 4, 2015 | By Phil Goldstein
FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler made official what he has been hinting at for around a month: He will introduce a proposal to reclassify broadband as a telecommunications service under Title II of the Telecommunications Act as part of an effort to craft net neutrality rules. Wheeler also clearly stated that the rules will apply to wireless networks.

FCC says proposed net neutrality rules will withstand legal challenges from AT&T, Verizon
February 4, 2015 | By Sean Buckley
The FCC says that Chairman Tom Wheeler's draft order to create net neutrality rules that would reclassify broadband Internet access under Title II has the legal footing it needs to withstand any legal challenges that telcos like AT&T and Verizon plan to launch once the rules come out.

Wheeler's Title II plan could unwind Netflix-Comcast deal, other interconnection pacts
February 4, 2015 | By Daniel Frankel
As the cable industry assess the broader impact of strict Title II regulation of the Internet, one significant factor already appears likely: interconnection deals, such as the one Comcast notoriously carved out with Netflix last year, could go away.

FCC's Wheeler aims to update Title II for new net neutrality rules
February 4, 2015 | By Sean Buckley
FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler revealed that his proposed new net neutrality rules will reclassify broadband as a telecommunications service under Title II of the Telecommunications Act.

Reports: FCC to include wireless in push to reclassify broadband under Title II for net neutrality
February 3, 2015 | By Phil Goldstein
As has been widely expected, multiple media reports indicate that FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler will introduce a draft order to codify net neutrality rules that would reclassify broadband as a telecommunications service under Title II of the Telecommunications Act. Additionally, according to one report, the draft order will place mobile data services under that regulatory regime--something that is sure to provoke fierce backlash from the CTIA and wireless carriers.

Streaming video revenue's $3.2B jump a rallying cry for OTT providers in broadband speed battle
February 3, 2015 | By Samantha Bookman
Revenue from streaming video services jumped 175 percent between 2010 and 2013, from $1.86 billion to $5.12 billion. That massive rise in dollars being thrown at online video is part of the reason why raising the broadband speed bar in the U.S. to 25 Mbps is absolutely essential to continued economic growth, according to Internet Association President Michael Beckerman.

The biggest problems with BlackBerry's concept of net neutrality
February 3, 2015 | By Shane Schick
Maybe John Chen would benefit from learning what it's like to make a cross-platform app. The CEO of BlackBerry raised eyebrows recently by making the unusual argument that definitions of "net neutrality"--the notion that Internet traffic should be treated equal regardless of its source or user--be extended to mobile apps and games.

Brian Roberts called Barack Obama, tried to talk him out of Title II proposal
January 26, 2015 | By Daniel Frankel
Comcast CEO Brian Roberts called a top Obama aide late last year in an unsuccessful attempt to dissuade the President from endorsing strident Title II-based Internet regulation.

Broadband providers, NCTA support Republicans' net-neutrality proposal
January 23, 2015 | By Sean Buckley
Incumbent service providers and industry trade groups back a proposal by a group of Republicans to thwart a potential move by the FCC to reclassify broadband Internet service providers as common carriers under Title II in the 1996 Telecom Act.

Republicans get ready to introduce alternative net neutrality bill
January 20, 2015 | By Sean Buckley
Just as the FCC puts the final touches on its new net neutrality rules that it plans to issue in February, a group of Republicans have put together their own bill that claims to ensure the openness of the Internet while not permitting the agency to reclassify broadband as a utility under Title II of the Communications Act.

Republican lawmakers embrace net neutrality, but would block FCC from using Title II
January 20, 2015 | By Phil Goldstein
Republicans in Congress on Friday introduced legislation that would enshrine into law many net neutrality rules but that would also stop the FCC from reclassifying broadband as a telecommunications service under Title II of the Telecommunications Act. The proposed bills, while a reversal from Republicans' longstanding opposition to net neutrality rules, are being seen as a way to pre-empt even tougher regulations the FCC is likely to vote on at the end of February.

Pai claims Netflix refuses to disprove Open Connect fast-lane allegations
January 16, 2015 | By Samantha Bookman
FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai wants to know why Netflix isn't getting back to him on details about encryption protocols it is allegedly using to target the open caching servers of certain large Internet service providers.

Sprint splits from industry, is OK with Title II for net neutrality as long as wireless has flexibility
January 16, 2015 | By Phil Goldstein
In explaining its position on the FCC's forthcoming net neutrality rules, Sprint argues that it does not matter whether the commission reclassifies broadband as a telecommunications service under Title II of the Telecommunications Act, as long as mobile broadband is given a great deal of flexibility. That is a split with CTIA and much of the telecommunications industry, which has fiercely opposed a Title II reclassification, arguing it will harm investment.

CTIA comes out swinging against Title II net neutrality approach for wireless
January 9, 2015 | By Phil Goldstein
CTIA is stepping up its opposition to the FCC's proposed net neutrality rules for mobile broadband after FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler indicated this week that he favored reclassifying broadband as a telecommunications service under Title II of the Telecommunications Act.

Democrats take on Republicans with proposed net neutrality bill
January 9, 2015 | By Sean Buckley
A group of Democratic leaders have incited a new political debate over what direction net neutrality should take by reintroducing a bill that would put a ban on paid prioritization agreements between content providers like Netflix and ISPs like AT&T and Verizon.

FCC's Wheeler hints he's leaning toward Title II reclassification
January 8, 2015 | By Sean Buckley
FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler indicated during this week's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas that he is leaning toward proposing net neutrality rules where broadband providers will be reclassified as utilities under Title II of the Communications Act, a plan that has been opposed by the largest telcos and a growing group of hardware and software vendors.

Wheeler: Wireless industry regulation is model for using Title II in net neutrality debate
January 7, 2015 | By Phil Goldstein
LAS VEGAS--FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said his model for the way forward on net neutrality regulations is the way that the wireless industry has been regulated as common carriers under Title II of the Telecommunications Act, while abstaining from all but three key sections of that part of the law. Wheeler said that the FCC will seek to hold broadband providers to a legal standard of what is "just and reasonable" in evaluating whether their practices violate rules on transparency, discrimination and paid periodization.

FCC plans to vote on net neutrality in February
January 5, 2015 | By Sean Buckley
The FCC plans to vote on net neutrality in late February, a move that will spur a series of legal challenges from telcos and industry groups on one of the key policy issues that will govern how Internet traffic is delivered to consumers.

FCC plans to vote on new neutrality regulations in February
January 2, 2015 | By Phil Goldstein
The FCC will vote at the end of February on new net neutrality rules, setting the stage for what is likely going to be one of the largest technology policy battles of the year and perhaps beyond.

CTIA argues that legally, wireless broadband is exempt from Title II net neutrality rules
December 24, 2014 | By Phil Goldstein
CTIA is arguing that even if the FCC chose to reclassify broadband as a common carrier service under Title II of the Telecommunications Act as part of an effort to craft new net neutrality regulations, mobile broadband would be legally exempt from such Title II rules.

Report: Republicans propose new net neutrality alternative to prevent 'paid prioritization'
December 23, 2014 | By Sean Buckley
Republican Congressional leaders are proposing a new plan that could prevent service providers from giving priority for some websites over others, reports  The Washington Post,  citing unnamed industry officials close to the plans.

Verizon says net neutrality should not touch interconnection arrangements
December 19, 2014 | By Sean Buckley
Verizon sent a letter to the FCC this week saying the government can't regulate the interconnection deals the company strikes with third-party content providers like Netflix.

Entner: Out of the net neutrality Title II news blizzard with AWS-3 auction
December 18, 2014 | By Roger Entner
All the while when we were trapped in the Title II News Blizzard that made any other topic seem small and irrelevant, the FCC has been conducting an auction of wireless spectrum. This wasn't supposed to be the big auction--that honor was reserved for the incentive auction, in which broadcasters would sell spectrum they hadn't deployed since the digital TV transition consolidated things. This was just an auction for "AWS-3" spectrum, Advanced Wireless Service frequencies in a high band that wasn't expected to pique much carrier interest. The FCC had set a reserve price of $10.6 billion.

Verizon's Shammo clarifies remarks about net neutrality impact on company's investment strategy
December 12, 2014 | By Jim Barthold
Apparently net neutrality  will  have an impact on Verizon's future investments--much as it will for other telcos--Verizon CFO Fran Shammo has clarified.

Netflix to FCC's Pai: Open Connect is not a 'fast lane'
December 12, 2014 | By Daniel Frankel
Netflix responded to an open letter sent to it last week by Republican FCC commissioner Ajit Pai, who accused the SVOD provider's private content delivery network of being an Internet "fast lane" that harms competition.

U.S. stance on net neutrality resonates internationally, could face U.N., WTO opposition
December 11, 2014 | By Jim Barthold
Where the U.S. eventually lands on the issue of net neutrality could have wider reaching international implications, including the possibility of rankling the U.N. and World Trade Organization (WTO).

Cisco, Intel, Qualcomm and others voice opposition to using Title II for net neutrality
December 11, 2014 | By Phil Goldstein
Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco, Ericsson, Intel, Nokia Networks and Qualcomm are among a group of network equipment and technology companies that are urging the FCC not to reclassify broadband as a Title II common-carrier service as part the agency's effort to institute new net neutrality rules.

Key Congressional committee members invest in Comcast, Verizon, AT&T, report says
November 25, 2014 | By Daniel Frankel
Members of Congress serving on subcommittees charged with legislating the Internet are invested in major broadband service providers including Comcast, AT&T and Verizon, some of them with significant holdings.

FCC's Wheeler says he expects lawsuits on net neutrality regardless of what rules are passed
November 24, 2014 | By Sean Buckley
FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler says that whatever final net neutrality rules the commission issues next year, the FCC will be challenged in the courts by major service providers.

Fortune 500 corporations quietly pushing for Title II version of net neutrality, report says
November 17, 2014 | By Daniel Frankel
While the side pushing against stringent net neutrality has been largely defined as corporate interest fueled by cable giants like Comcast and Time Warner Cable, some pretty major corporations are quietly asking the FCC for strong Title II-themed guidelines.

U.S. Cellular partner, Cellcom and other small carriers oppose using Title II for net neutrality rules
November 14, 2014 | By Phil Goldstein
A group of smaller, regional carriers has come out against reclassifying broadband as Title II common carrier service. The stance, the latest action in the ongoing net neutrality debate, aligns the smaller carriers with their larger wireless carrier rivals on the issue.

Cisco's Chambers slams Obama's net neutrality stance
November 13, 2014 | By Jim Barthold
Cisco CEO John Chambers used his quarterly results call with analysts to blast President Barack Obama's net neutrality stance, promising to be "very aggressive (in opposition to Title II regulation of the Internet) and try to educate people on all sides about why this is not right," according to a story in  Computer Weekly.

FCC delays net neutrality decision until next year following Obama's statement
November 12, 2014 | By Sean Buckley
President Barack Obama's statement on net neutrality and Title II reclassification that he issued on Monday is stirring up more heat as FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler is proposing a compromise on the proposed laws.

Comcast says it agrees with the President on net neutrality … to a point
November 12, 2014 | By Daniel Frankel
While the NCTA and a number of its cable-industry constituents have registered shock and dismay regarding President Obama's forceful backing of Title II Internet regulation Monday, the nation's No. 1 cable operator has struck a more conciliatory response.

Verizon's Shammo: If net neutrality passes, it will create a litigious environment
November 12, 2014 | By Sue Marek
Claiming that Verizon Communications has always operated under an open Internet policy, company EVP and CFO Fran Shammo said today that he is confident the FCC will make the right decision regarding net neutrality. However, he added that if the regulation should pass, he is concerned that it will create a very litigious environment.

As Wheeler pushes against Obama, FCC's net neutrality vote delayed until next year
November 12, 2014 | By Mike Dano
President Barack Obama's reinforced stance on net neutrality, issued Monday, appears to have added even more controversy to an already contentious issue, as FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler reportedly is reasserting his independent from the president and his plans to attempt a compromise on the issue. The political jostling has forced the FCC to retract its promise to issue new net neutrality rules this year--the commission has confirmed it won't make a judgment on the topic until next year.

Entner: The market response to regulating the Internet? Not good.
November 11, 2014 | By Roger Entner
President Obama's foray into broadband policy could represent a major turning point in telecommunications and internet policy both for the United States and the world as a whole, if the FCC adheres to what the President requested. In a world where prices decline, services improve, and choices increase, this country's most senior leader has decided that a heavy-handed regulatory framework developed 80 years ago is the right vehicle to grow jobs, attract investment and catalyze innovation in the digital economy.

T-Mobile's Legere opposes reclassifying broadband under Title II in net neutrality debate
November 11, 2014 | By Phil Goldstein
T-Mobile US CEO John Legere came out against President Barack Obama's statement in support of the "strongest possible" net neutrality rules and his push for the FCC to reclassify broadband as Title II common carrier services. While not surprising, given T-Mobile's past stance on net neutrality, the opinion offered by Legere puts him in league with Verizon Communications and AT&T, two companies he is usually railing against.

President Obama throws support behind the FCC's Title II broadband reclassification option
November 10, 2014 | By Sean Buckley
President Barack Obama issued a new statement telling service providers they need to ensure that the Internet remains free and open to any consumer.

Obama calls on FCC to enact 'strongest possible' net neutrality rules, including for wireless
November 10, 2014 | By Phil Goldstein
President Barack Obama called on the FCC to create the "strongest possible" regulations to ensure net neutrality. Importantly, the president said the rules should apply to wireless networks as well as wireline ones, but he acknowledged that wireless networks are different than wired ones.

Net neutrality: Netflix says fast-lane fees to Comcast are 150% more than cost of transport
November 7, 2014 | By Samantha Bookman
As the FCC prepares for the next round of deliberation on potential Open Internet rules, Netflix filed another comment arguing that Internet service providers can bottleneck traffic at will, with no rules in place to stop them from doing so. Further, it pointed out that the fees it now pays to Comcast for preferred access to its last-mile network are more than what Netflix pays to get its data to the cable operator's doorstep.

AT&T's Stephenson appeals directly to FCC's Wheeler to not reclassify broadband under Title II
November 7, 2014 | By Sean Buckley
Randall Stephenson, AT&T's CEO, met with FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler earlier this week asking him to not reclassify wireline broadband services under Title II of the Communications Act.

FCC's Wheeler proposes two-tier net neutrality plan for broadband services
October 31, 2014 | By Sean Buckley
FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has put out the latest shot in the net neutrality issue, saying he is considering a "hybrid" approach for broadband access, reports  The Wall Street Journal, citing people close to the chairman.

Comcast, AT&T swear they don't do fast lanes … as FCC ponders rules that will allow them
October 31, 2014 | By Daniel Frankel
FCC chairman Tom Wheeler is considering the expansion of his commission's authority over U.S. broadband, but is also contemplating a position of standing out of the way when it comes to paid prioritization deals signed between ISPs and content companies.

Verizon says Golden Frog speaking with silver tongue on Netflix throttling claims
October 31, 2014 | By Samantha Bookman
Tier 1 Internet service provider Verizon fired back at VPN provider Golden Frog, saying in comments filed with the FCC that claims made by a Golden Frog customer in July, alleging that Verizon was throttling Netflix data crossing onto its network, were inaccurate, misleading, and downright erroneous.

Leahy asks Comcast to permanently get rid of fast lanes
October 20, 2014 | By Daniel Frankel
The head of the Senate Judiciary Committee has asked Comcast to permanently ban Internet fast lanes, putting further pressure on the conglomerate as it tries to get its increasingly controversial purchase of Time Warner Cable through regulatory processes.

OnStar owner General Motors sides with wireless carriers in net neutrality battle with FCC
October 17, 2014 | By Mike Dano
The wireless industry earned a major supporter in its net neutrality battle with the FCC as OnStar owner General Motors issued a strong appeal for looser open Internet rules for wireless operators.

NCTA admits to backing mysterious 'Onward Internet' campaign
October 10, 2014 | By Daniel Frankel
The National Cable Telecommunications Association has admitted to backing a mysterious grassroots-like campaign designed to gather feedback from millennial-aged consumers regarding the Internet.

Rival ISPs fuming about Verizon's takedown of old net neutrality law
October 3, 2014 | By Daniel Frankel
Nine months after Verizon successfully sued the FCC to have net neutrality legislation thrown out, the conglomerate's rivals are fuming, as they suspect the regulatory body will now enact new rules that are more restrictive.

FCC's Rosenworcel: We can't have a two-tiered Internet
September 26, 2014 | By Sean Buckley
The net neutrality debate continued to heat up during a Congressional Forum on Net Neutrality hosted by Congresswoman Doris O. Matsui (D-Calif.) this week when two Democratic FCC commissioners voiced their concerns on creating so-called fast lanes, which would allow service providers to adjust speeds related to the websites they visit to access video or other kinds of bandwidth-hungry content.

Net neutrality: Netflix continues fight for 'strong' rules, responds to Comcast accusation of extortion
September 25, 2014 | By Samantha Bookman
Netflix reiterated its support of "clear and strong Internet protections" from the FCC in order to support the "virtuous circle" of broadband investment and business applications stemming from such rules.

FCC's Clyburn comes out for strict net neutrality rules for wireless
September 25, 2014 | By Phil Goldstein
The roiling debate over net neutrality rules got another jolt Wednesday when two of the FCC's Democratic commissioners pushed for strong net neutrality regulations, and one indicated that strict net neutrality rules should apply to wireless as well as wireline networks. Meanwhile, the CTIA and wireless carriers continued to push back against the notion that the regulations should cover mobile technologies.

Rysavy: Mobile broadband networks should not be hampered by net neutrality constraints
September 22, 2014 | By Peter Rysavy
The success of the mobile broadband industry is due in part to a light regulatory touch that has encouraged massive investments and resulted in one of the most successful industries of all time. This industry, however, is still in the relatively early stages and will grow and evolve in ways that cannot be predicted. It will be successful to the extent that unnecessary regulatory strangleholds, especially ones that treat wireless and wireline equally, do not hold it back.

FCC gets 3M net neutrality comments as debate over wireless exemption heats up
September 16, 2014 | By Phil Goldstein
Now that the deadline has passed for sending comments to the FCC on its proposed new rules for net neutrality, a key debate is emerging over whether the rules should apply equally to wireless networks and wired ones. Wireless carriers, which had been exempt from most net-neutrality rules covering wired ISPs that passed in 2010, are digging in their heels against the new regulations, while the FCC notes that the question remains an open one.

Netflix, Mozilla, others protest FCC net neutrality proposal with Internet Slowdown Day
September 10, 2014 | By Sean Buckley
Netflix, Mozilla and a group of consumer advocates are showing their frustration over the FCC's proposed net neutrality rules, which could include the creation of Internet fast lanes, by holding Internet Slowdown Day.

AT&T, SoftBank, T-Mobile execs push for wireless carve-out in net neutrality guidelines
September 10, 2014 | By Mike Dano
LAS VEGAS--Executives from a handful of the nation's top wireless carriers unanimously rejected arguments that wireless networks should fall under the same net neutrality guidelines as wireline networks. The comments are notable in light of a speech this week from FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler hinting that the agency is considering rules that would apply much more strict open Internet guidelines onto wireless carriers than it did in 2010.

Comcast Wi-Fi ads raise security, net neutrality concerns
September 9, 2014 | By Jim Barthold
Comcast's decision to insert self-promotional advertising into its Wi-Fi hotspots "raises security concerns and arguably cuts to the core of the ongoing net neutrality debate," an Ars Technica story maintains.

FCC's Wheeler defends commission's opposition to M&A, hints at stricter approach to net neutrality in wireless
September 9, 2014 | By Mike Dano
LAS VEGAS--During a keynote appearance here at the Super Mobility Week show, FCC Chairman Thomas Wheeler defended the commission's opposition to AT&T's attempt to acquire T-Mobile US, and more recently the FCC's resistance to Sprint's reported efforts to merge with T-Mobile. Wheeler also hinted that the commission is seriously considering applying stricter net neutrality guidelines on wireless carriers.


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