COMPTEL Spring 2010 news summary

As FierceTelecom reflects on this year's COMPTEL PLUS spring trade show, we would like to give you a quick roundup of the news we reported on last week here.

We'll follow up this news roundup with a new feature on wholesale provider leaders tomorrow and a report on the emerging and declining trends we chronicled during the show.

Take a look and let us know what you think, and if you're a competitive provider that would like to develop a relationship with FierceTelecom drop us a line when you get a minute.--Sean

March 11.

Comptel 2010: Competitive providers, wholesalers find new transitions
With much of the nasty telecom nuclear winter behind us, the competitive telecom industry is sharpening their focus on providing business-grade services to enterprises and wholesale services to wireless operators or as middle-mile providers for smaller independent ILECs.

March 15.

Comptel 2010: Covad takes Ethernet nationwide
After conducting technical trials in select markets last year, Covad has decided it is time to launch a nationwide Ethernet service offering.

Comptel 2010: Verizon fuels the competitive provider's SMB drive
Verizon's Global Wholesale division is addressing the notion that for what medium sized businesses (SMBs) may lack in size their unique needs require more than just a basic telephone line with the debut a new series of VoIP and Internet service packages.

Comptel 2010: RCN gets ready to build Open Cape Network
With $32 million of broadband stimulus money in hand, OpenCape Corp. is sticking with its gentleman's agreement to let RCN Metro Optical Networks build out and manage its 350-mile hybrid fiber and microwave-based open access middle mile network.

FierceTelecom Leaders: Roland Thornton, EVP of Wholesale Markets, Qwest
FierceTelecom caught up with Roland Thornton, EVP of Wholesale Markets for Qwest to get his take emerging wholesale service trends, including the burgeoning demand for new fiber-based wireless backhaul services.  

March 16.

FCC's broadband plan calls for higher broadband speeds, USF reform
The FCC's long-awaited national broadband plan--which will finally be released today to Congress with a focus on expanding broadband network speeds, redirecting the Universal Fund (USF) and Intercarrier Compensation--took center stage at last week's Comptel trade show in Nashville, Tn.

COMPTEL appoints new board members
COMPTEL has named 13 companies to serve on its board for the two-year 2010-2012 term.

Comptel 2010: Arbinet continues carrier transformation
As Arbinet continues to transform itself from its role of traditional exchange house to traditional service provider, it has launched a new series of routing capabilities for its carrier service customers.

Comptel 2010: XO plays international network matchmaker
XO continues to make progress with its international market expansion goals, and the debut of its International Customer Referral Program, which enables international service providers to give their customers access to XO's U.S. service portfolio, is another step in that direction.

Comptel 2010: Mediacom will phase out Sprint VoIP relationship
Sprint's wholesale group took another hit as Mediacom Communications--the seventh largest US cable operator--has decided to take their voice operations in house.

Comptel 2010: Matrix Telecom snaps up Excel Telecommunications
Matrix Telecom's latest find in its ongoing acquisition cycle is Irving -based Excel Telecommunications from Denham Capital.

March 17.

Comptel 2010: Broadview, Actelis strengthen their EFM ties
Broadview Networks' expansion of its Ethernet over Copper (EoC) service across its Northeast metro footprint shows again that copper still has plenty to offer as a near-term Ethernet delivery strategy for competitive providers that can't make a business case for fiber.

Level 3 ups its domestic switched Ethernet ante
Level 3 is responding to its business and carrier customer's ongoing demand for Ethernet by expanding the number of Ethernet switches on its U.S. network by nearly 400 percent.

March 19.

Comptel 2010: Quality, not price, is job one for wholesale operators
Wholesale operators believe that in the long-run what's going to set them apart will be their attention to quality and customer service.

COMPTEL Spring 2010 news summary