Cox Business - Kristine Faulkner, VP of Business Development - Top 10 BSPs

Cox Business may look like a new business player, but in fact the Atlanta-based cable MSO has been selling business services for more than 15 years, a tenure that ironically began by selling wholesale local fiber services to IXCs. Despite a shrinking IXC market due to ongoing mega mergers and acquisitions, Cox Business is finding that its wholesale services are increasingly resonating with wireless operators.

"Cox Business really started out in the market by serving as a last mile provider to the IXCs in our fiber-rich areas," said Kristine Faulkner, VP of Business Development, Cox Business. "That business continues to be strong, but with the merger activity means that it's not growing quite as fast. What is more than making up for it is the growth in wireless backhaul."

In the retail services segment, Faulkner thinks that the down economy actually plays in Cox Business' favor. Why? Well, for one, she thinks that the economic state actually drives SMBs to look around for other alternative service providers.

Cox Business continues to sell a mix of voice, data and of course video over its HFC and fiber networks. Leveraging its HFC network and its ongoing DOCSIS 3.0 network investments for its residential customers, the MSO is delivering a mix of enterprise-class PRIs, T1s and Ethernet services to business customers.

Of course, the big seller for Cox Business is Ethernet, a service it delivers over both fiber and HFC. Trailing only AT&T, Verizon and competitive provider tw telecom, Cox Business continues to make the Vertical Systems Group's Mid-2009 U.S. Business Ethernet Leaderboard.

"Unlike the incumbents, we don't have to worry about cannibalizing a large base of legacy services," Faulkner said. "Instead, we can position the right solution for the customer."

Not surprisingly, another big seller for Cox Business is video. Cox Business says that not only are more businesses requesting video, but it has become what Faulkner says is "the largest stabilizer to churn."

Whether it's delivering wholesale or retail services, however,  Faulkner said the fact Cox owns its network sets it appart in providing business services.

"The distinct differentiation is we are truly a wholly-owned operated alternative, unlike others that are leasing network and serving as an alternative," she said. "That enables us to serve as a primary connection, or in cases where carriers are looking for redundancy, we can supply that connection because we're not leasing from other carriers."

Cox Business - Kristine Faulkner, VP of Business Development - Top 10 BSPs