Cox Business: Maintaining customer happiness

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FierceTelecom: Beyond data service, how are your customers using Ethernet services?

Meeks: What the world is moving to is, everything is moving to an IP platform. I think what all customers big and small want is simplicity of technology and moving more away from a product orientation to a services orientation. That gets back to one of our key strategies, which is how of how do we continue to add value to our customers? We're looking at managed services as a key growth component for us in the commercial space in the low end of the marketplace. If you think about it, small companies don't have the IT staff or expertise, so if we can deliver managed services it can really simplify the technology proposition for our customers. Everyone has a different definition of managed services. Managed services for us over the short-term will be really managed communications services, including voice manager, which is our hosted VoIP platform. Some of the platforms we recently launched on our high speed Internet service for business include managed security, managed online storage and commercial e-mail. Those are what I would classify as adjacent managed services and ultimately moving towards delivery of managed applications like Software as a Service (SaaS).

FierceTelecom: In talking with Steve Hilton at Ovum Research after you reached your $1 billion milestone, one of the elements he said that differentiated Cox Business from the pack was customer service. How has Cox Business integrated the customer first mentality that it has championed for residential consumers?

Meeks: When you think about it, Cox Communications on the residential side of the house realized the importance of delivering premium customer service to residential customers. It makes my job a lot easier because the heritage and focus under the moniker of trusted provider to pursue commercial opportunities. If you think about it most of Cox Business' customers live within same footprint as they work therefore they are most likely a Cox residential customer as well. If they enjoy a positive experience as a residential customer, they have much more of an open ear towards exploring how Cox Business can serve their commercial needs. The flip side is also true in that an unhappy residential customer makes it difficult for them to become a commercial customer. We're reaping the benefits of those investments as a focus we made in Cox Communications broadly to differentiate ourselves in the marketplace as a trusted provider.

Cox Business: Maintaining customer happiness