Dan Dooley, President Sprint Wholesale -Allstars

Dan Dooley just can't seem to get enough of the wholesale world. Previously serving the head of Solutions Development & Support for Sprint's Business Markets Group (BMG), Dooley--a 14-year Sprint veteran-found himself being appointed to head up Sprint's Wholesale business as its president last July.

While he admits Sprint continues to struggle with the brand of Sprint, what's got Dooley excited these days is pursuing what he calls "white space" opportunities.

"It's our intent to go to the white spaces in the industry, and obviously prepaid is one, business is another, and we think wholesale is an important piece of it," he said. "Wholesale has always been important, but it is more now than before because that brand is something we're still struggling with."

Dooley added Sprint is looking for wholesale to provide proof points for the company. Currently, a number of banks and even movie rental kiosks run on its EVDO CDMA network. "We want to use these proof points for the company to show that there is this misconception between the brand and customer performance," he said. 

On the wireline side, Sprint Wholesale has not been without its misses, however. In the span of a week, two key cable customers-Time Warner Cable and Mediacom-announced that they would both transition off the Sprint Wholesale network and take their voice service operations in house.

But Dooley believes that cable's migration is really part of their ongoing service evolution that will include wireless. Already, Sprint has been working with major cable operators (Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Brighthouse) to deliver wireless services.

"While the cable companies have done really well in moving people away from ILECs to their bundle of digital voice, we think what you'll see in the future is people move away from their home phone even more and wireless becomes more ubiquitous," Dooley said. "I don't think there will be zero digital phone penetration, but I don't think people will be $30 for a home phone. We're riding off that curve and I think it makes sense for them go deploy their own facilities."

This wireless integration mentality is also seen in its pre-paid service. The provider is offering CLECs and other carriers an opportunity to add wireless to its offerings.

Along with cable, Sprint is also serving as a transition point for CLECs that want to transition to IP-based network services. Having already shut down its old ATM and Frame Relay networks with IP-based capabilities, Sprint Wholesale's Partner Interexchange Network (PIN) allows carriers to exchange VoIP traffic with one another and avoid costly PSTN tandem fees.

"The Partner Interexchange Network allows carriers to have an onramp to this federation of other carriers and one connection for multiple connections for their voice traffic," Dooley said. "It allows people to get into the IP world in a much more efficient and cheaper manner."

Perhaps Sprint Wholesale's biggest challenge in 2010 will be in helping to manage its customer's transition and educating them about how to integrate wireless and IP into their offerings.

Dan Dooley, President Sprint Wholesale -Allstars