Dave Williams, MegaPath Wholesale

Dave Williams, MegaPath


Leading Megapath Wholesale through a rebranding process is a new challenge for David Williams, Senior Vice President, MegaPath Wholesale.

The former Covad Wholesale changed its name in October 2011, a year after Megapath merged with Speakeasy and Covad Communications to create one of the largest facilities-based networks in the United States.

Much of Williams' 17-plus-year career has been spent at Covad or its predecessor. In 2001, he led marketing and business development at NextWeb, a fixed-wireless business ISP in California that later became part of Covad Wireless in 2006. At the time of the Megapath-Speakeasy merger, Williams was general manager of the commercial division at Covad.

The three-way merger not only boosted Covad's network size, but created an entirely new wholesale telecom segment: the Managed Services Local Exchange Carrier (MSLEC). Small to medium business customers in markets not typically served by wholesale providers now have access to services and tools that previously were either not available or affordable.

Megapath Wholesale also established a connection at the Telx exchange at 111 8th Ave. in New York City, as well as CENX and Equinix, enabling it to interconnect its Ethernet over Copper (EoC) network with international carriers.

Dave Williams, MegaPath Wholesale