Dick Jalkut, President and CEO, TelePacific

Dick Jalkut, TelePacific


Known for checking every customer issue report himself, Dick Jalkut, President and CEO, TelePacific, maintains a simple philosophy that the customer always comes first.

Given that businesses have many options for services his mentality isn't being lost on the ears of his customer base that depend on their services to conduct their operations.

Jalkut's philosophy is rooted not only in his over 40-year career telecom career, one that began with 32 years at the former NYNEX, now Verizon (NYSE: VZ). In the late 1990s he caught the startup bug when he left the comfort of the RBOC machine to lead Pathnet, a wholesale provider to over 100 second- and third-tier markets in the U.S.

Since 2002, Jalkut has held the reins of TelePacific. Over the past two years, TelePacific has been enhancing both its service and market reach both organically and through various acquisitions of other competitive service providers.

Outside of his work at TelePacific, Jalkut serves on the Boards of Directors of HSBC-USA, Univar in addition to being the chairman of the board at Hawaiian Telcom.

Initially providing services California and Nevada, TelePacific has been slowly expanding its holdings in both states and expanding into new markets, including Texas, via acquisitions of other regional competitive providers.

Since 2009, the service provider's acquisition pattern has been centered around three dominant types of service providers: regional CLECs including Tel West Network Services, Telekenex, and Telwest; broadband wireless providers such as Covad Wireless Services; and two data center providers, 01 Communications and Orange County Internet Xchange.

And it appears that that M&A hunt is far from over. In May, TelePacific secured $50 million in new funding, which it will use for both corporate and to fund other deals.

This acquisitive strategy has been complemented by the ongoing expansion of its business services portfolio. A key piece of that portfolio includes, of course, a mix of data services such as Ethernet and IP-based voice.

Like other CLECs, TelePacific has taken a multipronged approach to deliver Ethernet that leverages not only its own fiber and other carrier partners, but also TDM and copper. By the end of 2011, TelePacific plans to have Ethernet over Copper (EoC) in about 200 local serving offices (LSOs).

In tandem with its growing suite of Ethernet services, TelePacific is continually expanding its portfolio of IP-based SIP services and even mobile wireless via its partnership with Verizon Wireless.

It's likely that throughout the rest of 2011 and going into 2012, Jalkut's team will continue down an ongoing growth path with new enhancements designed to satisfy the multi-site business customer.

Dick Jalkut, President and CEO, TelePacific