Don MacNeil, vice president of XO Carrier Services Operations - Wholesale allstars

If there's one thing that's the on the mind of Don MacNeil, VP of XO Carrier Services Operations, it is continual expansion of its domestic and international network presence.

On the domestic side, XO has a 1 million mile metro fiber network and an 18,000-route mile, nationwide U.S.-based, 1.2 Terabit inter-city DWDM network. 

Last December, the competitive provider announced it would expand its nationwide network across Southern California's Inland Empire region.  

XO has been no less aggressive on the international front. It has capitalized on the submarine cabling network renaissance taking place in Asia by bringing its network to new submarine cabling landing stations.  

Another key area of international growth is Latin America and Europe. Already operating Latin American gateways in Miami, San Diego and Los Angeles, XO is upgrading a path connecting its Texas facilities into Mexico.

Along with expanding its network reach, XO Carrier Services is serving as a network matchmaker with its International Customer Referral Program that's designed to help its international customers gain easier access to its U.S. network facilities.

These efforts have various effects. Having international network presence means XO not only has broader geographic to help their U.S. carrier customers reach international markets, but also international customers that need access to major U.S. interconnection points.

MacNeil said that while XO can't be everywhere, they are trying to strategically invest in regions where they see rising bandwidth demands.

"Last year, I say was the beginning of the growth in Asia and we were doing a lot there with submarine cable landing stations," he said. "It follows now with some of the activity in Mexico, Central and South America as those countries continue to be poised for growth. Taking our infrastructure to meet the demand is really part of the strategy."

Perhaps XO Communications' biggest challenge in 2010 will be in satisfying and prioritizing its domestic and international growth areas.

Don MacNeil, vice president of XO Carrier Services Operations - Wholesale allstars