Erica Johnson, UNH-IOL

Erica Johnson, UNH-IOLIn a world where the business of technology is just as important as the technology itself, being able to move easily between both worlds is an advantage. Erica Johnson, in her role as Director of the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL), uses both business and technical skills to lead one of telecom's best-known vendor-agnostic testing facilities.

Johnson oversees more than 20 unique data networking and storage technologies as part of the UNH-IOL's services. Her responsibilities include coordinating the myriad high-profile test events that take place year-round at the lab--such as plugfests and other interop events by the Broadband Forum, the Ethernet Alliance, and other groups--as well as working with industry forums regarding standards testing and handling administration of the IOL.

Interoperability has been a cornerstone of Johnson's career. She began her journey in 1999 as an undergraduate student of Computer Science, working at the UNH-IOL and learning how to test physical layer protocols in the Fast Ethernet Consortium as well as testing interoperability and autonegotiation. Soon afterward she began managing the IPv6 Consortium (for those newly familiar with the IPv6 protocol, yes, the industry was working on the migration issue well over a decade ago)--working with the IPv4 Consortium to because a single, more efficient, unstoppable consortium.

On the industry side, Johnson is an IPv6 Forum Fellow and is the technical representative for North America for the IPv6 Ready Logo committee. She is also co-editor of the Network Testing Series for IEEE Communications Magazine.  At UNH, she participates in the university's steering committee for IT, sits on the Computer Science Advisory Board, and is the Senior Vice Provost for the Research Working Group.

Erica Johnson, UNH-IOL