Examining the Tier 1/Tier 2 telcos' Q1 performance

The following chart provides a summary of how the top U.S. wireline service providers performed in Q1 2010 according to access lines lost, broadband and video growth.

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Don't forget to see how these figures stack up against the performance of the Tier 1 telcos in Q3 and Q4 2009. Finally, check out the performance of the Tier 2 telcos in Q3 and Q4 09.

Tier 1 / Tier 2 telcos: Q1 2010 performance
Tier 1 ILECs Q1 net income Access lines lost Total access lines Broadband
AT&T $2.48 billion 8,989 (since Q1 09) 48.1 million 255,000 231,000
Verizon $2.28 billion 388,000 31.8 million 185,000 168,000
Qwest $2.97 billion 166,000 5.5 million 40,000 11,000
Tier 2 ILECs  
CenturyLink $1.8 billion 126,000 6.9 million 70,000 33,000
Frontier $43 million 16,845 1.32 million 8,113 2,814
Windstream $848 million 12,700 1.95 million 34,300 34,300

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Examining the Tier 1/Tier 2 telcos' Q1 performance