Felipe Alvarez, President, RCN Metro - Wholesale allstars

Felipe Alvarez, current President of RCN Metro, knows a thing or two about company transitions. Since coming aboard RCN Metro when the company bought out the former Con Edison Communications, Phil rose to the president's seat.

The biggest change for RCN Metro in 2010 is that it will become a private company when ABRY Partners completes the acquisition of RCN Metro and its parent RCN Corp. which also maintains the consumer-centric cable division.

What's making Alvarez so excited about going private is that RCN Metro will be able to establish its own identity.

"RCN Metro will operate separately from the consumer cable business which will enable the market to get to better know who we are," he said. "Up till now, setting ourselves apart from the parent company has been a bit of a challenge."

With that new identity in place, Alvarez says RCN Metro will be able to better focus on its core value proposition of delivering business-grade services to enterprises and wholesale capacity to other carriers, including wireless operators that reside in its network footprint. On the business services side, RCN Metro will increase its focus and capital spending dollars to target a number of high-end vertical market segments, including education, government, healthcare.  

"Going private will give us more flexibility from a capital spending perspective," Alvarez said. "There's a lot of opportunity to spend capital dollars."

That's not to say that that RCN Metro ever felt it got the short shrift from its parent as it went after major deals including the Open Cape project. RCN Metro will serve as the lead network contractor and operator of the Open Cape project, which won broadband stimulus funding to build a middle mile optical network that will serve both Southeast Massachusetts and Cape Cod.

While it will take time for ABRY to absorb RCN Metro and its parent, by all accounts RCN Metro has a lot on its plate but with its collection of assets it appears hungry to make a bigger name for itself in the wholesale and business services worlds.  

Felipe Alvarez, President, RCN Metro - Wholesale allstars