FierceTelecom Leaders: Jan Maciejewski continued

FierceTelecom: In addition to some of the tier one carriers, you mentioned some of the rural telcos. Tell me about the highlights there?

Maciejewski: Indeed we are. This year we have focused on the segmentation of the show. We addressed the large carriers, we addressed the mid tier carriers, and the rural carriers. Broadband covers the entire spectrum of the carrier size. What we have done is individually focused on getting the senior level guys to the show with a good element of success. What we're doing is ensuring we can get the message of broadband out as wide as we possibly can.

FierceTelecom: Although they typically stick to their own events, do you think we'll see more presence of the cable industry present at SUPERCOMM?

Maciejewski: Again, broadband is the overarching term that's not specific to one type of carrier or another. We tried to be inclusive in that. We have TiVO along with the mainline service providers. 

FierceTelecom: Do you think the show will have a different feel since it's being held in the fall?

Maciejewski: It's interesting. I suppose as we said when we announced we would move it, it was about getting a greater understanding of the stimulus package and then putting together a strong education package around that. I think our timing is spot on. There's obviously a mixture of advantages and disadvantages. It was very close to other shows earlier in the year. We have a bit of spacing between the earlier shows and this one now. As we settle into it we might find it becomes the biggest show towards the back end of the year. All the signs show that we positioned it okay and have the support for it.

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FierceTelecom Leaders: Jan Maciejewski continued