FierceTelecom Special Report: 10 Service Providers on the Cutting Edge

This year, I made my list of cutting-edge service providers without looking back at last year's list. I didn't want to be swayed too much by big names or distant past performances. I looked at who's been most active this year, who has taken decisive steps to alter their fortunes, and who seems well-positioned to make some big news in the near future.

What's the result? A list that including several service providers focused on truly cutting-edge, market-Ethernet services. This year's roster also includes five independent or rural telcos poised for big changes, one international juggernaut and yes, one subsidiary of one giant former Bell company (see if you can figure out who that is). I've also listed five companies receiveing honorable mention, all of whom arguably deserved a spot in the top 10.

As with last year's list, you may not agree with my choices or my logic (some choice having been made purely on technology or service innovation, others made with M&A ambitions in mind), but that is where you take over. Let us know what you think. Post a comment and tell us about your own top 10 and what makes them so special. I look forward to reading your feedback and suggestions.

Click the link at the bottom right of the screen to see the first of ten, Canby Telecom, then follow the links at the bottom of each subsequent page to see the full list.  Enjoy!

- Dan