For Verizon, EoC becomes a sound off-net play

Verizon Ethernet services

Verizon Ethernet access services.

For Verizon (NYSE: VZ), the delivery mechanism for its Ethernet offerings has and will likely continue to be over fiber in its traditional ILEC territory. While it continues investigate the possible use of Ethernet over Copper (EoC), Verizon feels like it has a decent fiber supply in its current wireline territories to serve its business customers.

"In our traditional ILEC footprint, we're looking to leverage our fiber infrastructure first," said Carlos Benavides, Group Manager at Verizon and marketing co-chair for the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF). "We've studied the use of Ethernet over Copper, but there's enough to be done leveraging our fiber investment so that's what we have been focused on."

The same goes for territories where it may not be the incumbent carrier, but has on-net fiber connections to buildings.

That's not to say EoC isn't a useful tool for Verizon. In situations where it has to serve a multisite business outside of its traditional territory, it has tasked its wholesale interconnection partners to provide services that match their quality parameters.

"Outside of our traditional ILEC footprint what we have done to our access carriers is request access based on performance characteristics and some of them can meet our requirements with an Ethernet over Copper solution," Benavides said. "If we have a provider that can meet our requirements both from reach, performance and price, we'll leverage a provider that offers Ethernet over Copper."

While Verizon has a strong domestic U.S. focus, the service provider takes a similar approach in targeting international opportunities in that it will leverage either available fiber or copper facilities.

"We see different technologies that can meet our needs," Benavides said. "In some places in APAC with denser populations there are more fiber-based solutions for off-net, and in some instance where copper is deployed we have leveraged what we can as long as people can meet the performance expectations we have."

For Verizon, EoC becomes a sound off-net play