France Telecom - Top Telecom Turkeys of 2009

Why is it a turkey?

France Telecom has not exactly painted itself as a model for boosting great employee morale since the once-government-run telco became a private company. And while it might be a bit of a morbid subject, all of the low employee morale has driven some of its employees to commit suicide.  
Citing poor working conditions and oppressive working environments, France Telecom has seen 25 of its employees commit suicide over the past year. Besides the shock of the suicides themselves, what's even more shocking is the way in which some of them were carried out. 

What's likely contributing to the ongoing discord is the combination of the weak economy and worries over job security. In just two years (2006-2008), the telco let 22,000 employees go.

All of the media attention over the suicides has prompted a number of French political leaders to call for the current CEO Didier Lombard to step down

Lombard, however, continues to put on a brave face. Even though the company's revenue dropped 6.4 percent and that it would cost about $1.45 million to ease tensions with its employee base, he's confident the company is on track to meet its goals for 2009. 
Okay, so while you can't blame a company for someone's emotional state, it's alarming to see so many people at one company taking their lives in such violent ways. 

France Telecom - Top Telecom Turkeys of 2009