Glen Post, CenturyLink: Wireline's most powerful people

What makes him powerful:

Glen Post

Glen F. Post, CEO & Chairman, CenturyLink

Glen Post, CEO and Chairman of CenturyLink (NYSE: CTL), represents something rarely seen in today's telecom industry where executives typically change roles as frequently as they change ties: He's worked for the same company for over 35 years.

While Post has not abandoned the family roots that were at the core of the telephone business that CenturyTel's original CEO and Chairman William Clarke M. Williams took over from his father gave him and his wife Mary Kathryn Lee as a wedding gift in 1946, the 2010, $7 billion, up from $360 million in 1992 when Post was appointed CEO of the former CenturyTel.

As the chairman and CEO of CenturyLink, Post has transformed what was once nothing more than a small family-owned telephone company at the turn of the 20th century to a global service provider. Following AT&T (NYSE: T) and Verizon (NYSE: VZ), CenturyLink is the third largest ILEC in the U.S.

Post has accomplished the third largest ILEC feat through a series of targeted acquisitions. Following years of acquiring a number smaller telcos, including former rural telephone properties owned by the former GTE, now Verizon, the company known as CenturyTel made its first big M&A move in 2008 when it purchased Embarq, a product of Sprint's divestiture of its local telephone assets once known as Sprint LTD.   

But in 2010, Post made one of his most ambitious moves when he led the company to purchase Qwest Communications for $22.4 billion in stock. By acquiring Qwest, CenturyLink was not only to increase its local service footprint, but it also gained a nationwide fiber network and instant entry into the lucrative public sector market.      

CenturyLink did not stop at Qwest, however. Building on the newly acquired Qwest managed and business service capabilities, CenturyLink plunked $2.5 billion down to buy cloud service provider Savvis Communications.

With the Embarq integration well behind them, the key question for Post now is how he will execute the integration strategy and come up with a united service message that leverages the assets for business and consumers. Along with M&A integration, Post will likely face continued pressure about how it will complete his telecom picture by purchasing a wireless operator.  

Glen Post, CenturyLink: Wireline's most powerful people