GTA TeleGuam: Private and loving it - Fiber to the X

Privatization has been a liberating experience for GTA TeleGuam, and come this January it will celebrate its fifth anniversary as a private company.

After being privatized at the end of 2004 GTA TeleGuam now acts like a mini incumbent operator with a host of traditional wireline voice (both local and long distance), 3G wireless, business services and even IPTV.

GTA TeleGuam's IPTV service rides on a similar foundation of both Fiber to the Node (FTTN) and Fiber to the Home (FTTH), a configuration that large incumbent service providers such as AT&T and BT have adopted in their next-gen last mile network drives.

Dan Moffat, GTA TeleGuam's president and CEO, likens its last mile fiber network as a mini-U-Verse by leveraging a FTTN/FTTC configuration in "Brownfield" existing areas and then FTTH in "Greenfield" new build areas.

"We have been using a U-Verse strategy by moving fiber out into the network and use the copper loops to connect to the customer," he said. "What we're moving to next year is an overbuild strategy with aerial fiber."

Currently, out of 40,000 homes it serves GTA TeleGuam has about 1,000 homes connected to FTTH while the rest of the island is served by copper. During this quarter, the service provider will begin overbuilding its copper network with fiber.

With typhoons being a regular weather event in Guam, the service provider will use the fiber to deliver high speed data and TV, but leave copper connections in place to maintain traditional telephone service.

GTA TeleGuam's Fiber to the X odyssey began 2007, when it launched an ambitious project to upgrade 70,000 of its access lines by deploying Occam Networks' Broadband Loop Carrier (BLC) and related products. During that process, the company brought fiber all the way to some homes, while it brought some of it to the curb and others continued to be served over existing copper.

Through these network configurations, the service provider is delivering services over both ADSL2+ and GPON.

And the service provider's last mile fiber drive continues. Just this past week, GTA TeleGuam announced it would bring FTTH connections to Guam's Talo Verde community of nearly 100 new residential homes. Residents will be able to purchase competitively priced bundled that include digital TV, 10 Mbps of Internet and voice for $107 a month.

Sticking to a promise of maintaining uptime, in "Greenfield" markets the service provider will install fiber in underground conduits to protect the cabling from the harsh elements.

But the service provider's plans don't stop there. GTA TeleGuam says it will install fiber optic lines into new and existing neighborhoods on Guam over the next five years.


GTA TeleGuam: Private and loving it - Fiber to the X