Honorable Mention

And the honorable mentions go to...

SureWest Communications, still pushing hard with IPTV, EBIF and other campaigns amid all the pressures of being a small wireline telco.

Telus, the Canadian IP carrier which adopted HPNA recently and actually raised its revenue outlook.

Cablevision, pushing into Wi-Fi, re-booting its RS-DVR service and acquiring Newsday in the face of new competition from Verizon.

Comcast, representative of cable's Tru2way and DOCSIS 3.0 ambitions, and investing in WiMAX, all while resolving its traffic management issues.

Panhandle Telephone Cooperative, Inc (PTCI), another small telco making a big splash with HDTV, and eyeing plenty of new IPTV applications.

Honorable Mention