Incredibly shrinking ONTs - Verizon in the MDU market

What's making Verizon's FTTP MDU deployment life somewhat easier is the use of smaller indoor Optical Network Terminals (ONTs) to distribute the service within the living unit. Verizon has begun deploying ONTs by Motorola and Alcatel-Lucent that are the size of a typical home gateway/router and can reside on a desktop.

These produce various benefits for the customer and Verizon. For Verizon and the customer it means faster, less intrusive network installations and taking up less space and power.

"One exciting evolution as far as how we're managing the architecture to efficiently wire these buildings and manage the overall aesthetic for building owners and tenants is the development of the indoor ONT," said Chris Levendos, Verizon's Executive Director for FiOS builds. "It brings us placement flexibility. Spatial demand within any apartment building and any apartment unit is of great value so anytime you can make something smaller it brings great value to product deployment."

Before having these smaller ONTs, Verizon had limited flexibility in terms of placement so that meant they had to sometimes add more wiring to make the optical go to the network side. Thus far, Verizon has put out a more than 500 indoor ONTs in the New York area.

Lavendos added that having an indoor ONT also "helps both in the customer experience from an aesthetic point of view, but it also helps Verizon and the customer experience in the time efficiency of the installation because the placement and flexibility leads to less tasks."

Incredibly shrinking ONTs - Verizon in the MDU market