Jean McManus, Verizon

Jean McManus, VerizonJean McManus, Executive Director of Packet Technology & Transport for Verizon (NYSE: VZ), has a front seat view of all of the new technology migrations taking place in the ILEC's wireline and wireless business.

Like a number of Verizon executives, McManus' tenure in the telecom industry included a stint at the former GTE, where she served in the former ILEC's Government Systems group. GTE was acquired by the former Bell Atlantic in 2000, creating today's Verizon Communications.

In her current role, McManus leads a technical team charged with overseeing the IP, Ethernet, and optical network architecture for Verizon's wireline networks.

One of the major transitions under McManus' purview is an initiative to create a migration path to IPv6 across Verizon's business units. This June, McManus and her team oversaw the service provider's participation in World IPv6 Day.

World IPv6 day was a 24-hour test in which content providers turned up access to their networks and/or websites via IPv6, the Internet addressing protocol that will eventually replace IPv4.

Already offering IPv6 for more than ten years--since the MCI days under the vBNS brand--and having put together a very detailed plan to deal with any potential issues, World IPv6 Day went off pretty much without a hitch.     

The next challenge for McManus' team and the Internet industry overall is the ability to detect issues that will likely arise in the ongoing transition from IPv4 to IPv6 addressing.  

"We need to make sure tools are IPv6 ready," said McManus, in an interview following the event with FierceTelecom. "We need to keep making sure as more people move to v6 that the tools (to troubleshoot) evolve too."

While business users and service providers were a big focus of World IPv6 day, McManus also oversaw Verizon's earlier trial of IPv6 capabilities on its consumer Fiber to the Home (FTTH) for FiOS network. This trial, like World IPv6 Day, tested custom CPE (consumer premises equipment) that simultaneously supports both IPv6 and IPv4 in a dual stack mode.

IPv6 transition, however, just one of the many initiatives McManus is overseeing.

No less important is Verizon's ongoing drive to enhance its Ethernet offerings for its business and wholesale wireless backhaul customers that are increasingly using Ethernet-based transport services. In 2010, McManus led a trial of 100 Gbps Ethernet Switched Ethernet Services (SES) network. SES, as defined by Verizon, is "a nex-gen Ethernet service enabling customers to interconnect their locations within a metrowide network and private and public wide area networks (WANs) using optical fiber-based access."

McManus may have a lot of initiatives on her technology plate, but her track record of overseeing major initiatives like 100 Gbps Ethernet and IPv6 have certainly prepared her for any new technical hurdles that are going to pop up on Verizon's ever-evolving wireline network.

Jean McManus, Verizon