Jerry James, CEO, Comptel

Jerry James, COMPTEL


Representing telecommunications service providers is not without its challenges, so an in-depth knowledge of the industry and solid leadership skills are essential to leading an organization like COMPTEL.

A 40-year-plus veteran of the competitive communications industry, Jerry James was appointed Chief Executive Officer of COMPTEL in 2007. James had formerly been president of Grande Communications and had already served as a chairman and as an interim CEO of COMPTEL.

Grande Communications was the first telecom to build and operate a Fiber to the Home (FTTH) network in Texas, just one feather in James' telecom cap.

He also racked up an impressive array of wins in the regulation department as a company lobbyist. He helped defeat the deregulation of AT&T in Texas back in 1987, as well as amending the state's 1995 Telecom Act. He also played a role in the passage of the federal government's 1996 Telecom Act. James' work in the competitive carrier realm includes establishing several state trade associations as well as his tenure with COMPTEL.

Jerry James, CEO, Comptel