Kevin O'Toole, Comcast Business Services

Kevin O'Toole, Comcast


Building the business services wing of fast-growing Comcast (Nasdaq: CMCSA) has been a key mission for Kevin O'Toole, Senior Vice President of Product Management and Strategy for Comcast Business Services, since taking on the role in 2004.

"In a very real way we were a start-up company within the larger Comcast organization," O'Toole explained in his bio on Comcast's blog. The business services division has come a long way since then, expanding its reach to markets across the United States and recording a 36.8 percent year-over-year rise in Q4 2011 revenue to $498 million.

Comcast has long been delivering Ethernet over its existing coax lines to small and medium business customers. And the MSO's infrastructure has been key to providing wireless backhaul services for wireless operators.

However, Comcast Business' competitive drive to attract larger enterprises was made perfectly clear last year when the company announced that it had debuted metro Ethernet services over fiber in 20 U.S. markets and planned to expand into additional areas.

The metro Ethernet offering includes four options for SMBs: Ethernet Private Line (EPL) service; point-to-multipoint Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL); a multipoint-to-multipoint Ethernet Network Service; and Ethernet Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) Service. Customers can also select speeds as low as 1 Mbps, scaling up to 10 Gbps, within three Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF)-certified classes of service.

O'Toole, who prior to Comcast Business held leadership roles in marketing, strategy, and R&D areas of the cable, telecom and private equity industries, has been a presence throughout the division's steady growth. Comcast made key acquisitions in 2010 of New Global Telecom and Cimco, which enabled it to add new offerings including hosted PBX, PRI replacement, and the recently announced VoiceEdge cloud-based unified communications service.

Kevin O'Toole, Comcast Business Services