Level 3: A middle mile enabler - Wireless backhaul

Not having the legacy baggage of an ILEC, Level 3 is a natural fit for the wireless backhaul space, one that it has been serving for over 10 years.  

Already present in 116 markets, the wholesale provider recently expanded its wireless backhaul capabilities with its Level 3 Tower Direct services. 

Posing itself as what you could call a middle mile enabler, the new service initially is targeting rural towns. As it plans to do through its broadband stimulus proposal, Level 3 will extend facilities from its existing network fiber regeneration sites. In the process of developing its Tower Access service, Level 3 has identified 300 tower-ready network sites and that could support multiple wireless towers. 

To provide additional capacity, Level 3 is also working with other partners to built carrier-neutral towers on the Level 3 network at these 300 current sites.  

Level 3: A middle mile enabler - Wireless backhaul