PAETEC gets its EoC house in order

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Clint Heiden, Senior VP and President of National Accounts and Fiber Services for PAETEC (Nasdaq: PAET) likes his company's chances for EoC success.

Having come to PAETEC via its acquisition of his former company Intellifiber (the wholesale and business arm of Cavalier Telephone) Heiden has been charged with overseeing PAETEC's growth of Ethernet over fiber and copper.

Clint Heiden, PAETEC

"PAETEC has 900 people that face the customer, and those 900 folks have worked the EoC platform into their service arsenal" - Clint Heiden

Well before PAETEC bought out both Cavalier and Intellifiber, Intellifiber itself had a very dense EoC footprint with presence in 275 COs and 200,000 plus locations--all done with a small sales force.  

What's different now for Intellifiber as part of the larger PAETEC is that it is part of a larger force to target new opportunities. "If you take what we brought to the table with 275 COs and the ability to hit 200,000-plus end-user locations and a very small sales force by which to go capture that market, I feel like we have brought an Army to the fight," Heiden said. "What I mean by that is PAETEC has 900 people that face the customer, and those 900 folks have worked the EoC platform into their service arsenal and it has become a highlighted product for them in terms of fighting off the competition and giving scalable bandwidth to their customers." 

Already, PAETEC's EoC efforts are paying off. While it could not reveal the customer name, PAETEC recently won a 50-site implementation of EoC with a Virginia-based regional bank. In this particular network deployment, PAETEC helped them consolidate three centers with fiber and for the majority of the other locations were EoC.

Outside of the enterprise, Heiden believes that EoC can also be a sound method for wireless backhaul. Despite the fact that service providers are bringing more fiber to more cell sites, the majority of them are still copper-fed.

"You always hear about fiber to the tower, but what about copper to the tower?" Heiden said. "Copper goes to a ton of towers and bandwidth with copper is going up and there's an awful lot of towers where copper is the right solution."

Heiden is quick to point out that what differentiates PAETEC from the pack is its density of fiber-fed COs in the areas it serves.

"One of the long-term differentiators I think we bring to EoC is that all of our COs are all fiber fed," he said. "The long-term differentiator just means that we control that network, we control the cost and cost and we control the fiber bandwidth availability out of that."

Even with its initial success, PAETEC is not going to rest on its EoC laurels. This year, PAETEC plans to build out EoC to 160 new COs. Upon completion, PAETEC will have 435 COs to reach about 400,000 buildings.  

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PAETEC gets its EoC house in order