Pro-AT&T reader comments - Part 2

Usually when people are so unhappy, their work reflects that also. From what I see and read, AT&T has always been more than fair to thier employees, and if the employees aren't going to give 100%, then why should the company bother keeping you around? And I would guess that if the company wins this battle with the union, then the employees are going to do less (because they're not happy) and then the company will lose profits, then layoffs will occur. i'm not saying to jump up and down for joy because yu might take a cut in benefits, but take th attitude that you're working, you'll give 100% and maybe once the economy turns around , you'll see your rewards down the road. As i see it, it's the only option you have, other than quitting and finding another job that makes you happy"

I'm a union member and can't stand how MY union is just giving me lip service. THey say they will negotiate around the clock. No way. All they do is ask for stuff they know will take a while to get and then complain about the company.

I am loyal to my union, but my union doesn't pay me and put a roof over my head. When all is said and done I support the company. I may not like it but at least me and my family are eating.


There are so many people who are less fortunate than us, who have no food, let alone medical... AT&T has allowed me to provide a decent living for my family, with medical benefits, dental, and vision. I have a roof over my head, clothes on my back, and food on the table. My child goes to one of the top schools in my area. I will be getting my degree very soon, compliments of AT&T... Yes, times have changed, and we no longer have $5.00 co-pays. I think Management got a raw deal having to pay such high amounts for medical. The answer is not to pass on that raw deal to the employees... It will be interesting to see how thi all plays out.


the real issues people please:

no pension for the Premises Technicians.

elimination of Sunday premium payments, eliminates the ability to carry over vacation time and eliminates payment for any absence other than personal illness.

Premises Tech's perform all work from the SAI to CPE regardless of the technology(doing the F2's and service wires and climbing poles eliminating the service tech's job's)

anyone moved into appendix E voluntarily, or forced in by the Company, would lose their current benefits permanently except already accrued pension, even if they return back to Core titles. The company proposes that anyone transferring out of Appendix E would be stuck with Appendix E's lack of benefits and would not be eligible for pension accrual.

forced overtime on employees while increasing the 49 hr rule to 51 hr rule, eliminate voluntary OT, and would assign overtime as they deem necessary, especially to prevent double time.

LEVERAGED TITLES - This Company proposal would two tier Service Representative Work with a 60/40 pay schedule which would put 40% of pay at risk based on sales. The sales plan would be controlled by management ( another word incentives could be pulled for various measures by management or thru discipline actions)

SURPLUS Process provides for straight-to-layoff after 30 days, forced placement throughout the Western Region, increases commutability to 95 miles, eliminates more senior volunteers, and cuts the reassignment pay protection plan.(step down pay)

NIGHT DIFFERENTIAL- Only applies to shifts ending after 11:00PM and before 6:00AM.( eliminates differential completely for any shift hours assigned for techs. Including the 11am-730 pm and the 2pm-10pm shift as it is now for differential pay)

ILLNESS- All Employees will have at least one day of waiting before pay starts for illness( who cares your sick -your sick,you loose a day pay and take the attendance hit) take back but acceptable.

PARTIALS- Eliminate payment for partial day illnesses.(mixed feelings but same as above) if its injury partial from work thats different I hope

UNPAID FMLA TIME OFF - Company will require substitution of contractual paid time off...(not sure about this one)

TEAM PERFORMANCE AWARD- Company proposes to eliminate.( yeah ,go figure than all bonuses should be cancelled)

MOVEMENT OF WORK/CONTRACTING OUT (still applies and nobody is going to be secure in craft from this.)

NATIONAL HEALTH CARE REFORM- The Company is only willing to write a letter.( wow how big of AT&T)

PRESIDENT'S COUNCIL- Company proposes ill defined council with no dispute resolution process.(another words council gets final decisions end of story)\

SERVICE RECOGNITION-The Company is still unwilling to grant service credit for previous AT&T service. ( so much for grandfathering service time after 5 years of retention of existing retirees)

In summary, surplus and appendix e will kill all craft sooner or later and stop all benefits and pensions while they get replaced by contractors or your dept gets outsourced and moved to other states, section by section...In the mean time pay for your medical until it at our discretion for ot and take the cuts there as well and good luck getting any weekends off when you get assigned ot as the needs of the the mean time you can accept this offer or quit...

Pro-AT&T reader comments - Part 2