Pro-CWA union reader comments

The commentors who want to retain current health benefits and think the union should not make concessions highlighted AT&T's 2008 profit of $12.9 billion as proof that the company doesn't need to make cuts. While union workers pay only 8 percent of their health care costs, compared to 32 percent for the average American worker, the union members who posted see negotiations for health care and retirement benefit cuts as corporate greed.

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I don't know about all of the arguments here, all I can say is that I've worked other places and was valued by my bosses. At ATT, I get along great with my coworkers, I make my sales numbers (when ATT decides to route the "good" calls to me) and my customers love me. ATT is a freaking nightmare to work for.

Update today: The sales force in the Mobility call center in Birmingham, AL did not receive their commission checks. We worked for that money. Yes, everybody in the country is suffering. The poor CEO is down to 234587464376 million dollars (my heart bleeds for ya, Ralph) but we (the sales reps) don't work for 11.93 an hour. We've got bills to pay. I live very frugally and responsibly and I can barely pay my bills this month because ATT screwed me. What about my coworkers who don't live as frugally as I do? I don't own a TV or have credit card debt or own an iphone or a fancy car or pay high rent. What about all of my coworkers who live more "normally" than I do? WTF is going to happen to them?????????


Last time I witnessed AT&T trying to hire "fresher" service reps, in various call centers, was last Oct. Then 3 days before Christmas, they were let go, just a few weeks from getting out of training. Managers then said they wouldn't hire any back for they felt the employees would come back with some hatred towards AT&T - you think? It's not the employees with the problem, it's the upper mgnt. You can even hear the desperation from the 1st lines, for they know their days are numbered, as well. I know there is BS in any company you can work for. I have worked for a few places so I feel that I can vouch for how employees are treated. There was a time I believed that I did worse jobs, for a lot less pay, so whatever I had to put up with, at AT&T, was worth it. In the past 1 1/2 years, I have totally changed my mind. I keep holding out that the call center will become the same place I looked forward to going to daily. Now, I pray before I go to bed, pray when I drive to work, and pray all day. I'm getting too old to hear about the quality of my work is poor, and I can't do the job that I have been doing for 15 years. I have excellent attendance, adherence, and I receive many, many customer accomodations. I truly believe that a customer is lucky to get me, just as managment wants us to portray. However, the psychological abuse the managers are passing down to the reps, is getting very old. I have come to the conclusion, the management will do what they want, how they want, in whatever method they need to do to cover themselves. Besides, if they fire me, then I have a headstart on them, for a job search, when they will be let go, for it's only a matter of time. I know two managers, that have recently quit, for they felt they could no longer treat the reps, how upper mgnt wanted them to be treated. I have so much respect for them, for that's the managment I remember. At this point, do what you want to me, AT&T, for I know I am a great person, capable of doing great things, and you can have your sales agents who do nothing but lie and cram customers. I understand the managers are just doing their jobs, do I respect it, no. However, to sit day in, and day out, watching what is happening to customers, how they are crammed, and especially how the agencies are instructed to handle customers, if it's not a sales call, just to transfer it somewhere, is not the so called "integrity" the managers preach until I want to vomit. AT&T needs to remember when they get their money from, the customers, and what's the old phrase "don't bite the hand that feeds you?"

So, the Union is off at their convention? Might as well be, AT&T wasn't negotiating anyways. It is a perfect time for the CWA negotiators to take a vacation and recharge their batteries for the stretch run!! I am glad they have all my dues to help the cause. CWA can't be settling this contract, if AT&T won't negotiate in good faith? I am glad to cover the negotiators jobs!
We're not sitting ducks, and we're also not sinking ships!
Thank you CWA for looking out for us, and fighting Corporate Greed!


I think the point I have seen being made is that AT&T made those great profits with the existing Union contract in place. Why is that so hard for you to understand? There is no real reason AT&T should have to change up the current contract benefits or pay as far as I can tell. If they would have simply set out about the same pay structure and increases in co-pays over the life of a new contract (5 years lets say) and allowed the people that are ready to retire the opportunity to retire, they would have more then likely been able to reduce the workforce plenty and been able to bring in new employees under the new terms they have in place right now in the current contract. All I see happening right now is an attempt to either break the union, or just plain Corporate greed or both.

Pro-CWA union reader comments