Pro-CWA union reader comments - Part 2

I think what bloggers aren't getting, is that, yes, our jobs our stressful, as all jobs, however, to see how the company treats their customers, is appalling. The sad thing is, most customers don't know they are being screwed, on their bills. The customer doesn't know our true rates, promotions, etc. We are trained to not divulge all the customer's options, on their services. We swindle customers, financially, without their knowledge, and when there is a problem - good luck finding somebody that can help. Customers call in daily to reduce their monthly rates, due to the economy, we are purposely instructed never tell the customer what their botom line can be, we must "bundle" and tell them we can't reduce their bill anymore but sell them more stuff and lock them in for a commitment. Also, the sales agencies are able to offer better discounts, than the real call centers. The customer is at a disadvantage if their call routes to certain call centers. The union employees have a contract that states we will get fired if we "cram" a customer, the sales agents dont - so they cram away. We're trained to act like we're doing the customer a favor. Many of those customers stated they will leave AT&T if we cannot reduce their monthly rate. I wonder how many landlines are being lost due to just not being able to give the customer their lowest option. The company is so greedy, they rather try to get more, than save the customer some money, then loose the entire line to a competitor. All the landline lost, I think we wouldn't loose so many if we just treated our customers better.

"AT&T has made a mountain of money--and polished its reputation--during its partnership with Apple and the iPhone. But pundits are saying the love affair between the two may be on the rocks after Apple essentially snubbed its U.S. partner during the coming out party for Apple's iPhone 3G S at its Worldwide Developers Conference yesterday.

AT&T has never been a favorite of iPhone users, who consider it to be monolithic and a throwback to the old-style carrier model. Its network is so-so at best, and its customer service can be a nightmare to navigate. Yesterday, Apple read off a list of carriers supporting iPhone tethering. Missing? AT&T, which also won't support sending photos as SMS messages until later this summer. Even the mention of the telecom drew boos from attendees."

sounds to me that randall is going to get his clock cleaned because he obviously doesnt know the value of customer service and addressing the network issues that we have been stating needs some attention...I bet he wishes he would have listened to the techs and treated us better when AT&T lose the iphone to verizon with apple...

Are you kidding? That is what union members consider professional, The union has lots of issues with the way this "Last, Best, Final Offer" was presented! Talk about unprofessional, the way Randall wouldn't even meet with the district leaders!I found his response fairly juvenile and he and Stankey could not be taken seriously whatsoever. It took over three weeks to respond because they where collecting Stankey's letter, which took alot of credibility out of any message the Company was trying to deliver. It is also factually incorrect, All the Company present was a Highlights package or propaganda! I know no members that contacted our local asking for a vote. Andy Milburn only heard from one member, Because he is listening to the membership. The union leadership is not guilty of anything except standing up to the poor leadership of AT&T. The union leadership would never let this pathetic offer go to a vote. They truly know what their members want, and they knew if they let this go to a vote and the membership would not only shoot it down, but would question their credibility as bargainers, which they don't have to do now because they knew better and they represent the true voices of the membership! The petitions are what everyone cares about. It is obvious that the only reason we have not seen a vote on the Last, Best and Final offer in District 6 is that the Union Leadership is knows that the membership would never vote to ratify it. So once again, union leadership shows that they are representing their membership much better then AT&T treats their employees. The Company is hypocrisy at its absolute best.

I think the point I have seen being made is that AT&T made those great profits with the existing Union contract in place. Why is that so hard for you to understand? There is no real reason AT&T should have to change up the current contract benefits or pay as far as I can tell. If they would have simply set out about the same pay structure and increases in co-pays over the life of a new contract (5 years lets say) and allowed the people that are ready to retire the opportunity to retire, they would have more then likely been able to reduce the workforce plenty and been able to bring in new employees under the new terms they have in place right now in the current contract. All I see happening right now is an attempt to either break the union, or just plain Corporate greed or both.


I'm a union member and I am proud of how the CWA is standing up to AT&T. My union is just giving me detailed bargaining reports. They are prepared to negotiate around the clock. All they do is ask for the stuff they know is important to the membership, even if it will take a while to get.

I am loyal to my union, my union is loyal to me. When all is said and done I am proud to work for the company. I may not like the way AT&T is handling these negotiations, but at least me and my family are prepared for what ever the CWA needs to do to secure a fair contract. My family will be eating however long it takes.

Pro-CWA union reader comments - Part 2