Qwest Business Markets Group - Chris Ancell, Vice President - Top 10 BSPs

Two months into his tenure as the VP of Qwest's Business Markets Group, Chris Ancell's initial goal is to get out and talk with his customer base to educate them on their offerings.
Ancell, who took over the spot when Teresa Taylor became the company's COO, is not a newcomer to Qwest. Before taking the reigns as the VP of Qwest's BMG group, Ancell spent five years as the VP of sales for Qwest's Business Markets Group Western region.

One area of emphasis for Qwest is providing the mid-sized business market with a host of managed service offerings, which typically are not adopted by this market segment due to lack of interest and resources.

While Qwest serves many large enterprise customers, the Denver, Colo.-based RBOC has been turning a greater deal of its attention to the mid-market and SMB opportunities with a series of hosted unified communications, managed network and security services through a relationship with IBM.

But whether it's a large Fortune 500 or a mid-sized business, Ancell maintains that Qwest's customer service philosophy is very simple: treat everyone equally.

"One of the advantages Qwest has in that section of the market is that we don't differentiate in terms of customer service whether they are large or small," Ancell said. "They get equal treatment up and down that company size scale."

Along with managed services, another service area focus for Qwest is Ethernet. This year alone, Qwest added 750 cities, bringing its total to more than 1,000 cities with Ethernet capabilities. To augment the service, Qwest recently announced it is upgrading its network with Alcatel-Lucent gear to deliver 100 Gbps Ethernet to customer edge sites. Still, when Ancell and his team go out to scout new business service deals, the message is not about touting technology but rather how they can craft an offering that meets their individual service needs.

"In more cases than not, customers are making a business decision," he said. "They are looking for support of the business decision and what are you enabling versus a technology decision."

Qwest Business Markets Group - Chris Ancell, Vice President - Top 10 BSPs