Rick Coma, Senior Vice President, Business Development, 360 Networks

360 Networks may have operated as a service provider since 1998, but for the most part the company has kept a relatively low profile.
Now Rick Coma, SVP of Business development believes it's time to get the company's message out. Coma, who has worn various hats during his 10-year tenure at 360 Networks, including VP of product development, now oversees the development a number of new product initiatives.
Going into 2010, Coma says the company will continue to focus on its three fundamental areas: transport, IP network and developing wholesale VoIP. On the transport side, 360 plans to enhance its optical infrastructure by adding new platforms to the network, including lighting up dark fiber routes and growing capacity.
Along with VoIP service, another big service opportunity for 360 will be to provide Layer-2 Ethernet connectivity on a regional level vs. the traditional metro level for everything from basic interconnectivity to wireless backhaul. Since there are so many Metro Ethernet networks deployed, 360 says it will be able to establish an External- Network to Network Interconnection (NNI) and interconnection agreements with multiple Metro Ethernet networks and the share that access between carriers.
"We think that's a big advantage because we'll be able to get between these metro Ethernet locations to provide true end-to-end Ethernet services, giving our customers a lot more scalability for wireless backhaul and other services," Coma said.  
Selling to traditional large carriers and wireless operators is just one part of 360 Networks' sales equation. Similar to Level 3, 360 has also applied for broadband stimulus funding money to provide middle mile connectivity by tapping into existing long-haul optical network regeneration sites.
But 360 is not just going to provide just mere capacity to rural carriers in the middle mile context. "What we have done over the last couple of years is created a product portfolio that allows us to go out with a full service bundle," Coma explained. "That creates more value for us as we look at these rural opportunities because not only can we provide transport connectivity we're also bringing IP connectivity and all of the voice origination/termination they can deliver to their customers."

Rick Coma, Senior Vice President, Business Development, 360 Networks