The rising stars of wireline in 2013

Rising stars 2013One of the biggest challenges that every wireline service provider faces is not how big their network is or if they are riding the latest technology wave, but attracting the best people to carry out their mission.

At a time when the wireline industry is facing various challenges, including the erosion of their landline voice base and fierce cable competition, wireline telcos need forward-looking people who have the vision to make big bets on technology and service initiatives to improve network efficiency and increase top-line revenue. (Image source: iStockPhoto)

While the rate at which service providers are moving clearly varies, we see that wireline providers are innovating along four vectors: increasing broadband speed via hybrid copper/fiber or fiber to the premises; expanding Metro Ethernet presence and cloud services for businesses; shifting their legacy TDM-based wholesale strategy to fiber and Ethernet; and moving to 100G and beyond.

FierceTelecom is profiling innovative executives at major telcos and emerging service providers. These individuals are helping their companies conduct major network transitions, launch new service initiatives, and develop network buildout strategies to respond to demands from multisite business customers. These are five of the game changers worth watching in 2013.

Please meet this year's rising stars of wireline:

Matt Beal Matt Beal, CenturyLink
Craig Drinkhall Craig Drinkhall, Lumos Networks
Lisa Partridge Lisa Partridge, Frontier Communications
Mike Fitz Mike Fitz, Sprint
Kevin Lo Kevin Lo, Google Fiber

Of course, there are other members of the wireline industry that are having an effect in both the companies they work for and in the wireline industry overall. If you think there is someone we should have included, please tell us in the comments section below.

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The rising stars of wireline in 2013