Sidera Networks: Taking metro area transport further

Mike Sicoli, SideraIt's been just over a month since Sidera Networks completed its breakaway from RCN, following that company's acquisition by investment firm ABRY Partners, to strike out on its own as a metro area optical transport provider, and the company leadership is pretty optimistic about their position in the optical Ethernet space.

"This is a pure play growth company now, we're 100 percent aligned with the exponential growth of broadband, and we have an equity partner now and a capital structure that enables us to invest whatever it takes to deliver the growth that we can capture," said CEO Michael Sicoli in a recent FierceTelecom interview.  It's a strategy that looks not just at an increased focus on broadband services, but also being a possible platform for further acquisitions by ABRY.

According to VON|xchange, Sidera is extending its network in the Chicago area and at the 165 Halsey Center in Newark, N.J.  The company has also joined the Neutral Tandem, CENX and Equinix Ethernet exchanges, is planning to bid on large projects, and in general is taking a more aggressive stance in selling Ethernet transport.

Sidera's offerings range from its core service, metro area transport, to private line services like SONET and business-class Internet service and colocation, and the company has added dark fiber services to its portfolio since the split.

But just increasing its transport offerings isn't enough, according to Vice President of Marketing & Business Development Maura Mahoney. Quality of service is an increased priority for the company.

" terms of provisioning, we're a very high-touch organization. So we hold our customers' hands throughout the process--we acknowledge the order, we assign a project manager who's with that customer until they accept the service," Mahoney said.

Increased responsiveness is another initiative for Sidera. In September, the company announced a new service called "1 Gig in 1 Day" which guarantees a turnup of switched Ethernet capacity within one business day.

"We have wireless carriers, we have financial services customers, and those two segments specifically have kind of openness in their bandwidth requirements, and they look to service providers like Sidera in their time of need to say, turn up bandwidth quickly for us," Mahoney said.

Sidera Networks: Taking metro area transport further