Six faces of IPv6

World IPv6 DayWorld IPv6 Day is here: On Wednesday, June 8, the Internet Society (ISOC) will host this unprecedented, 24-hour test wherein participants around the world--ranging from Google to Verizon to ISPs and connectivity providers large and small--will operate to some extent, mostly via dual-stack, in an IPv6 environment.

To commemorate the event, we at FierceTelecom will present a multipart series profiling individuals who will be participating, along with their companies, in World IPv6 Day. "Six Faces of IPv6" will feature experts from a range of IP market segments and fields.

Our first four profiles are available today. Jean McManus, Executive Director of Packet Transport and Technology and Verizon Corporate Technology, is applying extensive knowledge and experience to the carrier's IPv6 transition and gives FierceTelecom a view into operations at Verizon during World IPv6 Day. Cricket Liu, Vice President, Architecture at Infoblox, looks at IPv6 migration issues surrounding network architecture and the Domain Name Service (DNS).

From the University of New Hampshire's Interoperability Lab, Tim Winters, Senior Manager, discusses how the lab has been preparing companies for well over a decade to transition to IPv6. And Global Crossing's Anthony Christie details the transport provider's work to be ready for tomorrow's v6 testing.

Learn more about IPv6 addressing and follow today's events through these World IPv6 Day links.

The interviews:

Jean McManus, VerizonJean McManus, Verizon: Through the IPv6 looking glass

Cricket Liu, InfoBloxCricket Liu, Infoblox, on World IPv6 Day and DNS

Tim Winters, UNH IOLTim Winters, UNH-IOL, on prepping providers for the IPv6 onslaught Anthony Christie, Global CrossingAnthony Christie, Global Crossing, on IPv6 preparedness
Owen DeLong, Hurricane ElectricOwen DeLong, Hurricane Electric, on evangelizing IPv6 and the challenges ahead Qing Li, Blue Coat SystemsPlanning a secure IPv6 migration: Qing Li, Blue Coat Systems