Sprint Business Markets Group - Paget Alves, President - Top 10 BSPs

Sprint has always had a presence in the business market, but in March, the service provider decided that it was time to give the group a bit of a makeover. This makeover called for Sprint to form its standalone Business Markets Group (BMG),which incorporates not only its IP wireline, but also its 3G/4G wireless service and integrated wireless/wireline services.

Leading the charge of Sprint BMG is president Paget Alves, who oversees sales and marketing to enterprise, general business and public sector customers.

Part of Sprint's reason to create BMG was efficiency. Before forming BMG, Sprint used to manage all of its business, government and even consumer sales under one common organization. Instead, Sprint BMG, which has dedicated sales and marketing teams, now focuses solely on its business and government customers.

"We created a business markets group in March because we felt that we could be better positioned in the business market if we take all the services from our entire network platforms group and aggregate them all under one group that's customer facing," Alves said. "That would include the wireline, unified communications, 4G wireless and application platforms that are really what customers buy."

Under the guise of the BMG group, Sprint delivers an array of wireless, wireline and converged services for enterprises, government agencies and medium-sized businesses. Sprint also is taking these elements to build custom solutions for each of the vertical markets it serves.

Along with traditional verticals such as health care and manufacturing, Sprint BMG reports that the government continues to be its biggest customer. Sprint currently participates in the General Service Administration's (GSA) Enterprise Networx contract vehicle. And while a tough economy has driven many service providers, including Sprint, to help customers find ways to cut costs, Ancell said Sprint's unified communications offerings are helping businesses be more productive by tying together their mobile and fixed devices.

"What we have seen now is that in the third quarter people are beginning to make plans for short-term projects that have a little more of a forward looking view," Alves said. "This has shifted from a question of 'how do I improve my productivity from how do I cut my costs?"

Sprint Business Markets Group - Paget Alves, President - Top 10 BSPs