Surewest - Top 10 Service Providers on the Cutting Edge


Why it's so cutting-edge:
In some ways, SureWest Communications, based in Roseville, Calif. (and formerly called Roseville Telephone) near Sacramento, is on this list to serve as an emblem of the exciting and richly-varied world of independent telcos--we're taking about the other 1400 or so that come after the likes of Embarq and Windstream. But, to leave it at that wouldn't be fair, to SureWest, which really was the first telco in the U.S. to offer triple play broadband services, and has continued to aggressive press the point that telcos are meant to be TV providers. SureWest's ever-growing triple play sales, as recently stated in its second-quarter earning's report, provide even more hope for the future.

But can it keep that edge?
SureWest has been able to excel in its home market, and it could be said that larger competitors gave it the room to do so by ignoring that market. But, AT&T is now entering the Sacramento area with U-verse. SureWest faces the same decline in traditional voice lines that other carriers face, and has so far off-set those losses to some degree by turning those customers toward VoIP. Can it keep up the good work? Also, questions remain about the company's wireless future, and what it might do to keep pace with the ongoing unwiring of society.
Surewest - Top 10 Service Providers on the Cutting Edge