Time Warner Cable: ready to go - Wireless backhaul

Given its "Ethernet Everywhere" strategy for businesses, it's not hard to imagine Time Warner Cable (TWC) being one of cable's major wireless backhaul purveyors.

"TWC has said publicly throughout the year that they're targeting to increase backhaul revenue," said Joe Kestel of NPRG.

TWC's desires were made even clearer during the recent Future of Cable Business Services conference. While TWC did not address wireless backhaul specifically during this particular conference, the MSO did say that "Ethernet Everywhere" strategy would deliver Ethernet services over both its existing HFC and fiber networks. Since this strategy will allow the MSO to deliver Ethernet to any business on its network, the MSO could conceivably target cell sites that could reside along the path of the businesses it is serving. What supports this leverage and extend thesis is the fact about 80-90 percent of U.S. cell sites are within cable's HFC footprint, and 20 to 25 percent of cell sites are close to most MSO fiber lines (according to a recent paper given by Steve Dyck, director mobile backhaul solutions, Alcatel-Lucent).

Showing its seriousness in pursuing wireless backhaul, TWC has been an active supporter of the TMForum's Mobile Backhaul Catalyst, a program that will examine fulfillment and fault management in an OSS and network reference architecture for wireless backhaul.

Time Warner Cable: ready to go - Wireless backhaul